At this time, Lu Qingzhou was a little upset when he saw Shen Qing taking the initiative to come over and talk to himself.

"Don’t talk to me, I’m bored!" Lu Qingzhou patted Shen Qing and took his hand and looked very upset.
"Look at you like that!" Shen Qing was treated harshly by Lu Qingzhou, but she was even more jealous when she looked at Shen Nuo.
After making some polite remarks, Lu Fu said, "Well, I’ve finished what I want to say. Now let Hugh say something!"
Lu Fu gave Lu Xiusi the right to speak. It’s time for Lu Xiusi.
"Thank my father for giving me a talk. I have three things to say today!" Lu Xiusi tidied up his thoughts.
Lu Xiusi deserves to be a very good person. When he speaks, everyone is willing to look at him. After all, it is a kind of happiness and enjoyment to talk about such a handsome man Kan Kan.
"The first thing is Miss Bai Lulu …" Lu Xiusi deliberately stretched the sound.
Bai Lulu was very surprised to see what Lu Xiusi was going to say to her, so Bai Lulu crossed and waited for Lu Xiusi to land and then talk.
"Miss Bai Lulu is not my good friend, but my father’s good friend at best!" Lu Xiusi uttered this sentence, which surprised everyone in the place.
Taiwanese people talk about it in succession. "This is to smash his father’s field!"
"Yeah, there’s a lot to see today!"
At this time, Lu Fu heard Lu Xiusi’s face was very difficult and he coughed a few times on purpose.
"Ahem!" Lu Fu’s cough sound Lu Xiusi actually heard it, but he didn’t.
"I will formally introduce my wife Shen Nuo to you!" Lu Hugh thought to guide all eyes in the Shen Nuo body drove Shen Nuo there is no way to get up.
"Hello everyone!" Shen Nuo bowed deeply to everyone.
"The second thing is that I am very happy to tell you that Shen Nuo is pregnant now, which means that our Lujia family has a queen now!" Lu Hugh thought looked at Shen Nuo very excited and said
☆, Chapter 229 War Lu Qingzhou!
"Lady is pregnant? That’s really a happy event! "
"Let’s Lujia incense finally continue!"
"Master lu congratulations! You are going to have grandchildren! "
They all kowtowed to Liu Fu, although he was very unhappy about Lu Xiusi’s disclosure of Shen Nuo’s pregnancy, but watching others bless Liu Fu continuously even if he was unhappy, he had to smile with him.
"Yes, thank you for blessing our little grandson!" Lu fu pretended to be happy to say
At this moment, Bai Lulu was shocked. She didn’t expect Lu Xiusi to dare to challenge her father’s face by defending Shen Nuo’s dignity now. Bai Lulu couldn’t help but feel that Lu Xiusi had really changed a lot after meeting Shen Nuo.
At a time when Shen Qing and Lu Qingzhou were stunned.
"Uncle … is this crazy?" Lu Qingzhou couldn’t believe looking at Lu Xiusi.
"This ….. Shen Nuo today exactly is what dumb luck! Why are you so protective of her? " I’m so jealous that I’m about to cry.
"Uncle … it’s really throwing caution to the wind this time. Is a woman like this?" Lu Qingzhou is also very don’t understand what he don’t want a woman his uncle would be so protected.
"Thank you for your blessings to our family. I have a third thing to say now!" After Lu Xiusi raised the volume, the chaotic atmosphere was quiet.
Lu Xiusi shouted "Come in!" to a nearby door.
All eyes were on Lu Xiusi to see that position.
See Jin always slowly pushed the door a little nervous and a little timid and came out.
Lu Qingzhou felt cold at the sight of him.
"It’s over! It’s a bad thing!" Lu Qingzhou was very nervous in his heart. Originally, Lu Xiusi was prepared for this visit.
"Everyone must know that Qian Jin always died!" Lu Hughes looked at everyone and asked
"We all feel sorry to know that Kim is always dead!" Face to face said
"I’m General Manager Jin, whom you said died!" Xiao Jin is always on the side, and it is difficult to suppress his sadness. He is very angry and shouts.
"What? He is manager Jin? Then what is he here today? " Taiwanese whisper to each other.
"Lu Xiusi! Don’t say this on this occasion! " Lu Fu knew what Lu Xiusi was going to do and wanted to stop him, but he couldn’t come.
"Let this boy tell me about the good side!" Lu Xiusi left the opportunity to speak to General Xiaojin and took a meaningful look at Lu Qingzhou.
See Lu Qingzhou’s face is very pale, but in order to keep calm, he is still very elegant, sitting on a stool and calmly looking at Lu Xiusi, knowing that momentum is absolutely impossible to lose at this time.
"Hello, everyone." Mr. Xiaojin didn’t get stage fright in the face of so many people. "I’m Mr. Jin, and I’ll tell you what happened!"
They listened carefully to Lu Qingzhou and knew that they were going to suffer today!
"I was very playful at that time, so I owed a lot of money in the casino. They asked my father to spend money to redeem me. My father had to sell the company to Lu Xiusi Lu when he had enough money, but my father was finally killed on his way back to China!" Manager Xiao Jin is very excited and said
"Do you know who killed your father?" Someone in Taiwan asked
"This person is at the scene now. He is your Lu family, Lu Qingzhou!" Jin always has no fear of Lu Qingzhou and points his hand at him.
"What?" Suddenly there was an uproar in Taiwan, and everyone talked about how this could happen.
Lu Qingzhou "Teng" got up. "Don’t be a dirty lie, little guy!"
"I a dirty lie? Do you remember when you confused me and pretended that you were the one who redeemed me? Only later did you realize that the person who gave me the money to save me was brother Lucius, not you! " The little boy was a little grumpy and pointed at him.
"I don’t know you. How could I possibly do what you said!" Lu Qingzhou also pretended to be very angry and said