Escape is not the way, then you can go to last stand!

The words sound just fell and Liu Fei has once again raised his fist like a moth straight into the middle-aged.
"Hum!" The middle-aged man snorted. He had just learned from the past, but he didn’t intend to fight for strength with Lu Fei. At the same time, his mouth suddenly drank a "soldier!"
Boom a middle-aged man’s palm a series of five fireballs appeared, and with a wave of his hand, five fireballs formed a regular five-pointed star, which went straight to Liu Fei on the rampage like a wall of fire.
Blow out Liu Fei with one punch, and he swore at him. Liu Fei can crustily skin of head and blow into the fireball.
Liu Fei’s fist had just touched one of the fireballs, and then four fireballs were left. At the same time, it burst into a dark and gloomy flame, which rose and instantly wrapped Liu Fei completely.
Paint black flame is very strange as if a Lu Fei’s true qi ignited the general kind of intense burning sensation to the depths of Lu Fei’s soul, which made him unbearable and let out a piercing cry.
Lu Fei was rolling around trying to put out the flames, but it didn’t help. Those flames didn’t seem to be the essence. They didn’t ignite Lu Fei’s clothes or scorch his hair, but the strong burning feeling was deep into his soul and painful.
"Ghost fire!"
Lu Fei’s mind inexplicably came up with these words, which were sealed by Master Hongyuan and remembered in his mind. At every key moment, Lu Fei always came up with some strange ideas inexplicably.
Suddenly, Lu Fei stopped struggling, and the tongue burst. A Buddhist mantra sounded like a muffled thunder from Lu Fei’s mouth. At the same time, Lu Fei quickly produced a handprint in his hand, stretched out his left index finger and wrote a rune-
Tadpole-like dense runes constantly emerged from the void, and finally a little rain and rain poured directly on Lu Fei’s head.
Before, a dark flame that was still burning instantly dissipated, and some residual flame energy was absorbed into the body by Lu Fei.
"Huh?" Middle-aged people were surprised that Lu Fei had put out his ghost jack-o’-lantern so easily!
Without hesitation, the middle-aged man’s hands quickly printed again with a bit of enchanting blood red, and suddenly he spit it out from his mouth and quickly turned into a bloody sickle and cut it straight to Liu Feibo’s neck.
Lu Fei was also not idle when the middle-aged man finished printing. At the same time, Lu Fei suddenly pinched a very strange fingerprint in his hand. At the same time, he hurriedly shouted in his mouth, "My brother started to see the masters in the sky around him. Ten arhats and twenty-four days helped my brother to drag the knife and turn goose feathers into bronze and iron. Please help my brother to send it quickly!"
The words sound just fell and suddenly the sky shot a tree and directly hit Liu Fei’s head.
Suddenly, Lu Fei was surrounded by a dazzling brilliance. When the brilliance disappeared, an incredible scene happened. Lu Fei’s figure disappeared and he was replaced by a face of imposing Mr. Wu Shen!
"Maoshan magic!" Middle-aged people are quite a discerning person. Consciousness exclaimed and shouted.
At this moment, Liu Fei has already changed, with a red face and a long beard and a green crown on his head. There are several golden dragons flying on his face, and there is also a cold light dragon crescent moon blade flashing about three feet in his hand!
"It worked!" Liu Fei is a face of surprise thought.
Although he has changed, his mind is sober. At this moment, his breath is rising. He feels a strong breath rising from his belly, Ran Ran, and an unprecedented domineering spirit is slowly spreading from other bodies to all directions!
Wu Shen Liu Fei added a few minutes to the lofty sentiments of the sky. The dragon crescent moon blade in his hand is even more overbearing. The strong yin cold knife mans the soul-stirring, and the dragon crescent moon blade has been severely cut on the bloody sickle.
Yin-yang method is just a small island country. If you can open up the enemy’s knife method in China and Wu Shen, can you stop it?
The sonorous one and the two actually collided together, and the bloody sickle immediately collapsed and re-melted into a mass of lotus flower, which was swallowed by the middle-aged man. However, the dragon crescent moon blade in Lu Fei’s hand was still greatly injured and went to the middle-aged man’s heart!
"Yamagata!" Liu Fei drank as if it were a kind of energy. Liu Fei displayed Wu Shen’s famous stunt in those days. The dragon crescent moon blade seemed to incarnate a dragon roaring and slammed into the middle-aged man.
The middle-aged man was so frightened that his fingerprints were pinched and he shouted, "Those who are fighting in the army are all in front!"
It’s the first time that Lu Fei has heard middle-aged people shout out these nine-word mantra completely, which shows that he is under great pressure.
Instantly, a strong breath rose from the middle-aged human body and immediately formed a thick black net and went straight to Qinglong.
However, it also didn’t help that Qinglong roared Yi Long’s paw with a paw of ferocity and tore the net in front of the middle-aged man, and then bit the middle-aged man’s head.
"Come here!"
Seeing that Liu Fei was furious, he was about to be split in half with a knife. The middle-aged people were scared to death, and their fingers were all together. It turned out that a nearby genus was caught in front of him.
Snow was caught by a middle-aged man and was split in half by a violent blade on the spot! Middle-aged people, on the other hand, narrowly escaped, only being scratched by the residual knife light on their chest, and then they went straight out of dozens of meters away!
"grass! This is too fucking shameless! I even took my own knife! "
Liu Fei underestimated the shame and anger of middle-aged people. Liu Fei once again raised the dragon crescent moon blade and was about to split out. At this time, a sharp golden light suddenly shone on Liu Fei’s body. Suddenly, the original surging force of Liu Fei’s body was as instantaneous as the ebb tide of the sea!
Without Wu Shen’s strength, Liu Fei felt weaker than ever, and felt a sense of weakness. When Liu Fei fell to the ground …
Maoshan magic has failed?
[123] Lei Jie broke the mirror.