Taking advantage of the rest, she tried to recall what happened today. She was constantly wondering whether Ji Yu knew her identity, because everything seemed to be a coincidence today, but everything seemed to be specially arranged to expose her true colors.

However, although there is no special meaning in holding a dinner party in Bai Yifan, if all the men present are good at disguising themselves, they can’t fool anyone because she knows that she is a woman who looks like a woman, and what she sees is what she thinks in her heart. Seeing disgust and disdain from her eyes shows that she doesn’t know her identity at all.
But even if people don’t know their identity, it doesn’t mean Ji Yu doesn’t know that this man is buried too deep. Whether you want to spy out some clues from his eyes or see some clues from his face expression, it is a gain.
Ji Yu explained why she would take her to a friend’s dinner because she had a good impression on her and liked herself. Although this reason is reasonable, I always feel that something is wrong. I want to think about it and find it. I feel headache. Fortunately, I don’t want to wait for her to go to the "rok" bar to find the man who once tried to assassinate her.
When I feel that the car has entered the door of the apartment community, I will open my eyes and the car in the season will stop at the door of the apartment building.
Put out the engine. Ji Yu just wanted to say that he wasn’t invited to sit down. If the willow is found, he has already stepped forward and said, "It’s very late for Ji Zong, and Mrs. Ji and the other male should be waiting at home."
After that, I didn’t look back to the car, and the car door was agile. Ji Yu sighed slightly. Although it looked very close, their hearts were far apart. He wanted to hold on to it, but it was as ethereal as gas. He couldn’t grasp it, such as feelings.
It was not until a room on the 25th floor lit up with a small orange light that the car slowly drove out of the apartment.
She didn’t make a phone call to eliminate the wind until she saw that the car had gone far away. Gong Wenbin sent her a good hand and quick thinking. She knew the underworld environment in A city very well. Although it is said that the underworld in A market now belongs to the "dark" organization of Ji Yu flag, there are many small gangs.
This causes small gangs to win over their brothers and expand their power by taking advantage of pornography, gambling and drugs. This kind of small gang is extremely informal in management, and it is very common to kill people in order to compete for small profits. The "dark" organizations are well-trained and despise Wu Gen, and they also despise these people for dancing.
Sitting in the co-pilot’s seat, she was lost in thought, and she didn’t withdraw from her thoughts until the door of the "rok" bar.
After the car cooled down, they went straight into the bar as if two ordinary guests were here for nightlife. This "rok" bar and other bars seemed to be dimly lit, dazzled by colorful lights, and the swaying crowd twisted their bodies in the middle of the dance floor with the explosive music.
All kinds of graffiti and heavy decoration can be seen everywhere in the bar. This is a typical hi bar. It is a place where you can sit in a high chair and order two glasses of wine casually. You can observe the bar environment everywhere. There are two exits in the bar, one is the main entrance and the other is the fire escape, but one place in the bar has attracted the attention of you.
That’s the toilet. There is also a 2-square rest area in front of the toilet. There are two doors and two facades with four characters of idle people entering. If it is a kitchen or warehouse, is it necessary to decorate the door very luxuriously?
Moreover, there seems to be a room behind the bar bar here. She saw that most bar guests entered the room behind the bar, while the two rooms in the rest area of the toilet had one, and the dress was completely different from that of the hall. She just saw a sexy bunny quickly flashing into one of the doors.
Behind the two doors in the rest area, there must be a hole in the sky, and I am secretly thinking about it.
After drinking a glass of wine, Xiaofeng asked the bartender to make a glass. When the bartender handed the wine to the stall, Xiaofeng paid the money and gave it to 2 yuan. He said to the waiter, "This is for you. I want to find Dahao and ask him to do something. I don’t know where to find him."
The waiter pushed the money back, his face was cold, and his eyes were full of precautions. He replied coldly, "Sir, we refuse to accept small ones here."
Chapter 17 Looking for people
The wind still refuses to give up and asks, "Brother, do you know where it is difficult to find the leader and the price is good to discuss?"
The waiter took a cold look at the wind and walked slowly away.
A little angry because he touched the wall and disappeared, he insisted, "There are people who don’t recognize money."
If Liu pointed to the direction of health, he replied faintly, "His eyes are on guard. Obviously, he knows that we are unfamiliar faces. There must be a hole in the sky. Don’t worry about it."
Xiao Feng lit a cigarette. He seemed to enjoy smoking slowly. It seemed that he was smoking very heavily. Soon at midnight, more people poured into the bar. It seemed that everyone’s bodies were tightly attached to each other, but Xiao Yi also squeezed into the crowd. It seemed that Xiao Feng was quite easy to get into the state.
And Xunruliu quietly looked at these crazy people, but her heart couldn’t wander and dance like them. She watched the two doors in the rest area from time to time as if they had a special signal to enter.
After half an hour, he came back from the dance floor and took a sip of wine as if he were thirsty.
After putting the glass down, he said, "You’re right. During the dance, my partner told me that there is another place to have fun in this bar. It seems that if we want to enter there, we may find Dahao."
Since it’s a real guess, there must be an unexpected crisis hidden in that secret place, and no one can go in if they want to. If they have to be acquaintances, they must have a leader.
"Ruoliu, why don’t we go back first? I’ll try to get acquainted with the people here and find a chance to go in." The wind-dispelling suggestion suggested that when Gong Wenbin left, Gong Wenbin repeatedly told him to take care of Ruoliu and not let her take risks. Everything here is unknown. He can’t let Ruoliu take risks.
"No, we can’t go together today." Xunruliu flatly refused to let the wind go, but she was a little anxious. She must find the man named Dahao to find out the truth faster.
The wind will know that she won’t listen to him when she sees Xunruliu’s eyes full of certainty. He nodded faintly.
Xun Ruoliu invited the waiter to pretend to be casual and asked, "Handsome boy, do you have any other fun here? We are from other places to find something exciting in A city."
She winked at the waiter with eyes, and the whole tone was a little casual.
The male waiter’s expression is sluggish, and there are different things flowing in his eyes. If you look for a willow, you can clearly know that it is a look at your eyes.
Xunruliu pulled out a few hundred-dollar bills from his bag and handed them to the man. "Handsome boy, do you know what we mean?"
The waiter’s face showed some hesitation at this time, and if Liu knew that he was shaken.
The wind immediately said, "I just heard friends dancing in the pool on the dance floor say that if Brother Yun introduces us, we can all go in and play. Don’t worry, we are all old players and we won’t give you any trouble."
Hearing the word "Brother Yun", the male waiter’s tangled expression recovered calmly. "We stipulate here to play that and hand it over to 3 yuan first."
Find if Liu took out thousands of dollars from his hand-held bag and handed it to the waiter. The waiter looked at him dressed in black, sexy and generous, and they also had referees. The waiter’s face gradually smiled and all the alert eyes were gone.
The man waiting for him has written that pile of money more than 3 yuan’s, which is more than 5 yuan, so that he has been so happy in his heart that he has earned 2 yuan. With a faint smile on his face, he said to Xunruliu, "Please wait a moment, I’ll have someone take you in."
After that, he held a walkie-talkie and didn’t know what he said. After sitting for a while, a woman dressed in revealing sexy with some pure female waiters came enchanting to them.
The waitress wears a black-and-white bunny dress, although it has sleeves, but the collar is square, round and jade-like, and the two peaks are ready to let men see it. The waitress can’t help but drool. She is wearing a very short fluffy skirt, which feels like she has just covered the length of her ass. This length is full of mystery. Presumably, many men hope that the waitress can bend over more.
Fortunately, the waitress painted pure makeup with this dress, and two ponytails tied high to create a pure girl’s visual effect. Although the makeup looks pure, how long will it take to achieve such an effect? And what kind of respect and heart does this makeup have? I can’t help but wonder what I don’t know. Now she has reached the point where she is thinking.
Follow the waitress to the rest area of the toilet, see the waitress, lift the card of the idle person, and then reveal the password lock. Bunny quickly pressed the password. After the door was hit, Bunny led the two of them into the lobby, where the lights of the two waitresses were getting darker. The decoration here reminded Xunruliu of kv.
"Do you want to play alone or with others? Do you want to play sports or hi songs?" Bunny asked.
Looking for it, she certainly knew that Bunny said it was a code word, "The more people you can play with, the better, and the two together? This is exciting enough."
Bunny nodded knowingly. "We have some presidents here for fun, but they are all big shots. Of course, this shot is also big. Most people can’t get in unless they are prominent customers." Then Bunny gave them a look with special meaning.
If Liu’s face is light, she can’t see her heart and anger. She said coldly, "We don’t have much cash and tens of thousands of yuan, but you should have a credit card here. I don’t know if the millions in the card are enough for recreation here."
Bunny nodded and continued to lead them from another dark aisle in the hall. Only a lamp was very dark far away.
After a while, when Ruoliu saw the words presidential room, he knew that he had arrived and said, "It’s inside."
After the bunny nodded his head, he took out a few hundred dollars and handed it to the bunny. When he saw the bunny go far, he couldn’t help but sigh, "I didn’t expect that there are so many doorways here that I will spend money before I disappear."
"All right, stop talking. It’s not good to be heard." If you look for a willow, you will find a light way.
I didn’t expect that the presidential suite turned out to be a 1-square hall, although it was midnight, but the lights inside were as bright as white, and people were filled with clouds and clouds. When I walked into the eardrum, I felt tortured and the smell of choking smoke made people feel extremely uncomfortable.
Walking in the crowd and observing the environment from time to time, there are chess tables, all kinds of large gambling tables, card seats and play areas, such as playing darts and table tennis. It is really a hodgepodge.