In Hsuanchan’s hands, Tai Chi seems to have an extraordinary effect. In Hsuanchan’s view, Tai Chi is not a boxing, but an artistic conception, a very abstruse artistic conception.

Tai Chi creates people-Zhang Sanfeng’s saying that the ghost of the martial arts is only a starting point for later generations, and that everyone can realize their own Tai Chi with this starting point. Even though Hsuanchan has reached the Du Jie period to practice Tai Chi at this time, he still feels that this Tai Chi artistic conception is unfathomable, mysterious and enjoyable.
The small window in the front of the bamboo house was set up by a small bamboo pole. The rain fell on the window and looked intently at Chen Xuanyuan’s turn. She now watched Hsuanchan play this set of martial arts, and her mood became very peaceful, which was of great help to her mood. It seemed that all the mysteries of heaven and earth were included in that one punch and one foot. Now it has almost become her habit to watch him practice Tai Chi every day as soon as possible.
It seems that there are Tai Chi wheels spinning in Hsuanchan’s hands, but it is really confusing to see that there is nothing in reality.
In the morning, the sunshine is accompanied by birds singing. Hsuanchan is comfortably immersed in the mysterious artistic conception of Tai Chi. He doesn’t know what he is playing. He knows that every move he makes has no discipline, but it seems reasonable to follow. It is because he can move.
I don’t know how long it took for Hsuanchan to quietly fall to the ground and gently spit out one mouthful breath, and his face rarely appeared somewhat indifferent.
"The body has finally recovered from aftercare." Chen Xuan’s heart was at ease. After more than a year of aftercare, he has now recovered his legs and regained his former integrity.
"What kind of boxing is this? If only he could teach me!" Rain Xin eyes inadvertently reveal a trace of envy in the heart secretly thinking, of course, if she asks Hsuanchan to teach her Hsuanchan naturally, there is no reason to refuse to be 100% sure, but it is certainly impossible for her to take the initiative to show weakness to Hsuanchan.
Over the past year, Yu Xin can also pity and secretly hope that Hsuanchan can take the initiative to ask to teach her.
"What is the beauty of Lord Yi envious of?" Hsuanchan’s bad smile interrupted Yu Xin’s reverie and gave him an angry look, snapping a small window.
"Hum! Death, disability and smelly disability are really bad. "Rain Xin’s heart angrily scolded Hsuanchan for getting along with the individual for more than a year. She naturally showed Chen Xuan’s strange legs. Since her injury improved, Hsuanchan once banned her capability while she was unprepared. Since then, words such as death, disability and smelly disability have become her proper nouns.
In fact, even if she is prepared, she can’t escape the Hsuanchan ban
According to Hsuanchan’s shame, he banned it, but the high-end goods from the celestial world are of great help to heal and save lives, which is also good for her.
That technique is really helpful to her injury, but whether it is true or not is not necessary for her to be good. After being banned, Yu Xin lost her freedom and even dared not go out of this small forest where they were, for fear that she would be exposed by a fix-true practitioner.
The disabled and so on came into being in Yuxin’s heart, but she also dared to scold them in her heart. If Hsuanchan knew, who would know what kind of method this shameful guy would come up with to bully her?
Today, her injuries have been completely healed. This is of course due to the careful care of the half-wood, green, green, yuan Dan and Hsuanchan, but the shame of Hsuanchan still has no solution to limit her ability to ban, which really makes Yu Xin angry.
What’s even worse is that in the past year, she has been constantly watching Hsuanchan practice Tai Chi every day. He must have shown her yearning and longing for Tai Chi. However, Hsuanchan is so evil. Every time after practicing Tai Chi, she always asks her what she is envious of, but she never takes the initiative to teach her Tai Chi, which makes her feel more and more resentful. Every time, she is angry than there is a little bit of strength.
Opposite Hsuanchan, she seems to be so weak that sometimes it is difficult to resist even a little thought of resistance, because she knows that there is no gap between the two. Facing Hsuanchan, she is like a poor sheep facing the evil and horrible wolf. What can she do except show weakness?
"Ga ….." Bamboo door hit Hsuanchan with a bad smile and walked into the room and looked at the bamboo table. Yu Xin suddenly flickered behind her and reached out and took Yu Xin into her arms, forcibly turning around and letting two people face each other with dignity and bullying, and kissed her with a soft and fragrant lips.
"Don’t … well …" Yu Xin was suddenly attacked and suddenly her face was blushing and her hands were pushing Hsuanchan’s chest.
Chapter 19 Heart oath
However, since the force is strong, how can it push Hsuanchan to bully and invade? Yu Xin even managed to push a little distance. Now she can do it with weakness, bear the gift and be frivolous.
A long time Hsuanchan slowly looked up and finally violated her hands, but she didn’t put rain on her slender waist.
"Why? Do you want to learn? " Hsuanchan smiled grimly, leaving a trace of deliberately enjoying his face, which made Yu Xin feel ashamed and resentful.
"I don’t want you to let me go quickly!" The rain is tender, her face is rosy, and her hands are pushing Hsuanchan with her head down. She dare not look at his eyes, let alone his face. Now she wants to get away from this hot embrace quickly. Where can she learn Tai Chi?
"Don’t want to? Then kiss a "Chen Xuan crooked smile again bowed their heads and kissed their hands, but also became Gali and kept the two people’s bodies tightly stuck together. Rain Xin suddenly dared not struggle again, silently enduring the contact between the two people’s bodies and Hsuanchan’s mouth was ashamed and frivolous.
Yu Xin has learned a very profound lesson before. In this case, she’d better not struggle. The more she struggles, the cheaper it is. Hsuanchan may end up with very terrible consequences.
"Well … you hurry up …" Yu Xin muffled a weak voice and temporarily bowed to Hsuanchan’s arrogance. Fortunately, this kind of strong violation is rare and only once a month on average. Every time Hsuanchan will kiss her for a long time, her mind will be white.
I don’t know how long it took Chen Xuan to fall in love with the invasion of beauty, and Yu Xin’s mind gradually lost her thinking ability. At this moment, she dare not think about anything.
Finally, when Yu Xin felt that she was suffocating, Hsuanchan’s lips left her lips. Yu Xin suddenly gasped. Then she didn’t know that Hsuanchan had taken her to the chair at the table and she was sitting on Hsuanchan’s thigh.
In such a situation, Yu Xin suddenly fled away from Chen Xuanhuai like a frightened white rabbit, but her heart was plopping about.
"Shame on you" Rain Xin stared at Hsuanchan, her face was full of anger, and her eyes flashed a glimmer of crystal. Just now, although she didn’t calculate how long Hsuanchan had violated her, she knew by feeling that it was definitely much longer than usual.
"Man … base enemy Lin Lei" Hsuanchan smartly quoted a classic saying.
"You … Hum!" Yu Xin was so angry that he turned red and groaned and sat in the chair opposite Hsuanchan. Yu Xin really had no choice.
Hsuanchan hey hey satisfiedly smile enjoying the rain Xin face angry but can endure expression suddenly he seems to think of something and asked, "by the way, you haven’t told me how you can run secular to be a duke? Tell me about other things, especially one thing. "
"Hum" Yu Xin don’t turn away from Hsuanchan.
"Hey hey … don’t say?" Hsuanchan gave a gloomy grinned rain Xin suddenly a surprised immediately wronged way "you don’t behave in such a way I just tell you".
"Well, you say it," Hsuanchan simply replied, feeling smug in his heart.
Yu Xin gave Hsuanchan a supercilious look, propped up his head gently on the palm of his desk and seemed to sink into memories. "Our master gave me the smoky mirror in front of Du Jie, and at the same time told me the secret of tens of thousands of years ago. Later, she failed in Du Jie, and I was the only one left in Yanyu Xuan …"
"Is this thing still your Zongbao?" Hsuanchan took out an elegant female toilet mirror and asked in some surprise.
"Of course," Yu Xin gave him a big dirty look. Since he fell into Hsuanchan’s hand, he has searched the smoke mirror and kept it for her, but he was afraid that she would lose it.
"Oh, I see!" Hsuanchan suddenly nodded as if nothing had happened and took back the smoke mirror. I heard that it was someone else’s Zongbao and I was not a little embarrassed
Yu Xin had no choice but to continue to him. "Later, I met a little beggar on the street, hoping that his younger brother would soar in me … or after Du Jie failed, he could continue to bear the misty rain porch until four years ago, when I was fighting for a dumpling beast on a man’s island in Beihai, preparing to take its Millennium dumpling meridians …"
"Stop … I already know behind this. You were besieged by ShaShuiGe people now and then they finally got injured and escaped. How did you run to the secular world to be a duke? And why did the Nanya Sect finally come to join in the fun? " Hsuanchan asked curiously.
Yu Xin looked surprised. "How do you know this?"
"I was watching." Hsuanchan dug under her fingernails, although there was nothing inside.
"What?" Yu Xin Zheng
"Yes, but in the castellan mansion" Hsuanchan smirked hey hey a smile.
"Why were you there then?" The rain Xin doubt way
"How do I know" Hsuanchan a face of koo tunnel "just came to this planet and landed in the city where you built his powers. It’s naturally an advanced city to see. Who let you all gather in the duke’s house at that time? I’ll rush over and see."