Chapter 93 Stay out of it

"Chen Han, you go."
Jing Aoxue gave him a deep look and sighed, "I know you are different from us. You don’t have such deep feelings for Master. It’s impossible. He gave up his life and put me here. Ning Xue and I have to wait for Master to go together. I … I really don’t blame you …"
With a wry smile, Chen Han sighed, "I admit that I don’t have any feelings for the remnant blood predecessors, and it’s impossible for him to give up his life, just as he led the demon race. In fact, you are no longer me, but I can’t do things, but I can stay with you like him."
"Are you crazy?" A crazy drink a way
"Grandpa put me in the wolf squad. People can’t lose a companion." A post looks full of firmness.
"I want to stay with my predecessors!"
"I will stay!"
By other dragon masters with Fang Chihai several people have made a decision that it is not difficult for them at all.
"Bullshit! When did Tianlong teach you feelings? Take them away by force! "
"A few little guys are not bad. I’m not wrong about anyone."
Flat sound suddenly into the ears of all bloody mess royal sword fly behind also follow dozens of taxiing demon race while killing and cursing.
He was seriously injured to the extreme, and his body was crisscrossed with countless scars. There was a hole in his right chest, left shoulder, thigh and lower abdomen, and his face was as golden as paper, which was a sign that he was close to running out of oil and lights. God knows how many demon masters he touched and how badly he fought.
Chen Han immediately took out the strongest Zhang Ling charm and inspired a little breath to spread to dozens of demon masters. "If you dare to start work again, start the charm immediately and try it if you want to die!"
Not in the later period of out-of-body experience, the breath stirred up and came after the residual blood. A group of demon families in Yuan infant period suddenly stopped and dared not make moves.
They threw an obliteration machine into Chen Han, and their heavy eyes swept across the side and rushed into the door.
They dare not have the slightest neglect, and then they also got into the door. The blink of an eye has appeared in front of a sea, and the tall bronze door is standing.
That is, shortly after they left, the thunder power in the virtual world rose to the early stage of out-of-body experience, and the cracks in the virtual world became more and more fierce, and the lava went up into the sky …
the South China Sea
Many forces from the ball are suspended in the middle camp, and each group is divided. All eyes are focused on people such as Chen Han.
The secret of the cruise ship has been announced in Australia, and all the spearheads are directed at the people who robbed Tian Xuanzhenlong’s box of residual blood, but they saw that the residual blood and Chen Han were not together. According to the news brought by the South Asian practitioner who was defeated by Tianlong in the middle, Chen Han was the ultimate treasure key holder.
"Chen Han handed over the treasure!" Old man with green eyes, he is the strongest three great sacrifices in Australia-Langdell, the strongest practitioner in Australia.
"The treasure is not Chinese but can be possessed by itself!"
"God bless Chen Han. I wonder if you plan to join the Vatican?"
"The dark Vatican is more suitable for your development and sincerely invites you to join."
A yellow male with a big white robe and a black pointed hat said, "The God of Heaven wants you to join me in the Temple of Heaven in the cold, and I can give you a position!"
In front of those guys who coerce and woo, there is nothing but a sneer, which means that money and silks are amazing treasures since ancient times.
However, when Xiao Hu spoke these words, he changed his face on the spot. "Fuck you, little devil. If you turn the ancestral tablet of Ise Jingu into an old one, I can consider joining you …"
"Your mother!"
Chen Han casually took out a bag and swept the eyes of all forces to sneer repeatedly. "We went in seven people altogether. Two young ladies are fighters, but there is no magic weapon. The other five people are all bags except a post with a ring. What treasures do you still think I have? Even if I integrate the magic weapon into the true spirit, I can’t hide anything else."
However, no one would have thought that there was a fairy in it, let alone that it would recognize the Lord Chen Han.
Xiao Hu’s face is not fluent in Chinese. "You gave the baby to Celestial Dragons halfway. Can’t we guess?" !”
"Guess your own father?"
"Ga you dare …"
"When the old man went in, so many people looked at the South Asian masters besides Yan Huang and Xiu Zhen. You should know that I didn’t take the magic weapon from Tianlong’s predecessors. We are equipped with magic weapons regularly. Everyone in the circle knows how the old man can hold more things. You have been kicked in the head by a donkey, haven’t you? "
"Who can be sure that you didn’t take a part of the treasure in the bag to Celestial Dragons?"
"It’s very simple. The treasures in it are all ubiquitous in the world, but they must come from treasures. At the same time, the inside is full. If I take out even a little, I can find out what else you can say by comparing it with the bag product?"
"Chen Han, you don’t really want to hand it over, do you?" A post a few sad face cried
"If you don’t pay it, you’ll be hunted by everyone. Old people are not that stupid."
Chen Han raised the spirit knowledge of the whisking bag and took out the east and west inside. Suddenly, a large area of light clouds were flying all over the sky. "This is my share. Now, whoever I hand over has something to grab Lingshi, Dan medicine and natural materials and treasures are all extinct in this world …"
Facts from the previous Chen Han took advantage of the major forces to hide far away and exchanged a lot of babies with a crazy baby master. Even a single-minded post guessed that Chen Han didn’t know how to get the baby far beyond their imagination.