While thinking about where to go in the first step, she recalled that the second uncle had told her about personnel.

"Hui-er, this is the first time for you. The mountain-to-person pattern is not clear, even if it will cause some unnecessary troubles. Second Martial Uncle also traveled in the mountains when he was young. He still remembers some old stories. Although I don’t know if there have been many changes over the years, he can give you more support."
"When you were young, you should have heard that Ren Huang was alive and dead after the war of ghosts and gods 1,600 years ago. For more than four years, there have been frictions and wars between the four countries, and the figures of the usurpers and uprisings in 1,600 years have also changed and replaced, and I don’t know how many times they have maintained the situation of the four countries."
"But compared with the original, it is definitely not as good as before, but these are not important. Second Martial Uncle knows that you are too interested in those countries’ potential classes, but it is always difficult for us to stand out because of the earth’s strength when the time comes, and it may be recruited by those people. You’d better know about it …"
Pan Hui inadvertently raised a pair of eyebrows and said that Second Martial Uncle was quite familiar with her! Although the two of them don’t communicate much on weekdays, okay! She admits that she hasn’t communicated many times in the past ten years, that is, only recently has Rong said more words.
Who can tell her that this suddenly appeared in front of her and intercepted her?
But it’s strange to say it’s an interception. These two women are full of malice in their breath, and they introduce themselves directly to her as if they had nothing to do with it. The main thing is …
That round-faced girl who calls herself "Aoqing" laughs too much!
It’s like a moment to throw herself down!
Pan Hui paused for a while before she composed, "My name is Pan Hui."
"Miss Pan bothers me. My sister and I left home to travel. When we first arrived here, we didn’t know much about the environment and customs here, so we wanted to ask someone for advice. I hope I didn’t scare Miss Pan."
Chuxing meteorite pulled AoQing sleeves to make her converge a little. Just now, Pan Hui was slightly distracted by AoQing’s excessive enthusiasm.
Who knows Aoqing’s mind at this time is wondering what Pan Huishen’s familiar breath is. He was directly pulled by Chu Xing meteorite and almost fell to the other side. He immediately turned his head in a hurry and looked at his girlfriend doubtfully. "Why are you dragging me?"
She looked at ChuXing meteorite doubtfully and saw that the other party was looking at herself with a face of nai as if she didn’t have anything to say, and then she continued to twist her head and look at Pan Hui thoughtfully.
Chu Xingyu couldn’t help but look at them with a clueless face. Pan Hui laughed. "We got up a little early today. Aoqing probably hasn’t woken up too much and laughed!"
Pan Hui wooden nodded for the first time and felt that he really should study hard how to communicate with others.
For example, first she didn’t know how to answer the phone so as not to make the other person feel rude.
I found that Pan Hui didn’t seem to want to talk. Chu Xing meteorite took another look at Youzi fugue, which was too empty and Aoqing had a quick laugh. I continued to have no words to find words. "Seeing that Miss Pan seems to be going out of town, it’s just that my sisters and I are going out to play. It’s better to walk together and take care of each other."
"Well, I’m going to visit my relatives, and I’m going to send some new year’s goods to my relatives." Pan Huixin was very grateful to Rong for remembering the Chinese New Year to her the day before.
Although the two women in front of her make her feel threatened and malicious, it is better to keep an eye on them after all.
Just then, Aoqing, who had been in a dull state, suddenly shouted, "I know!"
Both of them were shocked by her. Fortunately, when Chu Xing fell, he reacted and asked, "What do you know?"
Aoqing grabbed Chu Xingyu’s arm and said excitedly, "I know what her familiar feeling is?"
"Er … what is it?"
Aoqing Haomai waved his little hand and his eyes were as bright as starlight. "It’s the smell of mother!"
Chapter 39 Walking together (1)
Mother? !
Pan Hui suddenly stood like a body blow on the spot for a long time without returning to absolute being.
After living for sixteen years, I met two strangers for the first time in the mountain, and I was even told that I smelled like a mother! This is too outrageous!
ChuXing meteorite also leng leng a move is to raise my hand to touch AoQing forehead found that the temperature is normal and confused way "no fever! Why do you talk nonsense in broad daylight? "
AoQing discontentedly clap girlfriends hand drum with a face, "I didn’t say nonsense! It’s really that warm and familiar smell! When I was still in the egg, someone held me very gently and sent me here. It must be my mother! "
In the egg …
Pan Hui couldn’t help but take a few steps back and look at Aoqing’s eyes with horror.
This human world will come out of the egg, either a monster or a spirit beast, and this woman is already a human being, and it is not far from the sky.
I don’t know if she will find herself and the mother in her mouth has it?
Pan Hui YouZi guess ChuXing meteorite here is really supercilious look a hand is a chestnut knocked AoQing forehead way "whose mother will be willing to send children to a bird does not defecate place for so many years? That person is definitely not your mother! "