Nodded his head and said, "Now the heaven is not the former heaven!"

"Master elder brother this meaning?" Tongtian hierarch puzzled asked
"Do you remember the thirty-six demons of chaos?" Asked the old man
As soon as the old remark came out, the heavenly master and the original Buddha immediately thought of the original Buddha. "When calculating according to what teacher Hong Jun said, the thirty-six demons should have broken the seal but nothing happened?"
"It’s not that nothing happened, but that we didn’t notice it. Now most of them are in heaven. Now heaven, including Heaven of Science and the Golden Yao, are all changed by them in many important people." The old saying is amazing
"There will be such a thing?" The original Buddha and borne hierarch frightened to disgrace call way
"Not bad!" The old man nodded and continued, "If it’s not bad as expected, now the Buddhist is sending troops to take the chaotic 36 magic at one stroke, so that his Buddhist can survive this robbery safely!"
"Hum, the lead and the abacus are loud enough, but we can’t let them get what they want!" The original Buddha quite a bit unwilling way
"Hum, where is their turn to intervene in this matter? I think it’s time to teach them a lesson!" Tongtian hierarch also chimed in
Chapter one hundred and forty-one Face to face Sanqing
Chapter one hundred and forty-one Face to face Sanqing
As soon as the Master Tongtian said it, the original Buddha was just about to open his mouth to say something. At this time, the original old man was silent but slightly smiled and interjected, "Let’s listen to what he said when the Taoist friend from the West came!"
"Hum, just in time. I was just going to find him!" The original Buddha cold hum a way
Nodded slightly and called his brother Xuan to greet him.
Exorcist, the capital of Xuandu, sang his promise and went outside the palace.
Exorcist, the capital of Xuandu outside Jinggong, saw that he had already stood there, and then upon him, "I have seen a quasi-saint! My teacher told me to greet the sage and look at the sage Haihan! "
Zhunwen nodded and smiled. "Master Xuandu is welcome!"
Xuandu exorcist nodded humbly and said, "Please allow the saints to come with me!"
Say that finish Xuan exorcist made a gesture, please lead the way to the scene before the palace and go to the quasi-said nature is also followed.
"Teacher, two martial uncles have invited the prospective saints in." exorcist, the capital of Jinggong Xuandu, made a ritual at the old man.
Smell speech old is still a face sample way "well! There is nothing for you here, you go first! "
Exorcist, the capital of Xuandu, heard the words and made a ceremony to Lao, Yuan Tianzun and Tongtian Leader, saying, "Teacher, two uncles and brothers are excused!" Then he withdrew from the Jinggong Hall.
"Three brothers and poor monks are polite!" After being admitted to the hall, he was not surprised that the original Buddha and Tongtian leader were here. He smiled and saluted the three people with a kotow.
"The prospective friends are welcome!" Sanqing is still an old man with good self-cultivation. The original Buddha and the leader of Tongtian have no good looks and old smiles when they see it. This is the way to reciprocate.
For Sanqing’s respective performances, I must have guessed that I smiled in my heart and didn’t want to argue with these two people for this long.
"Quasi-Taoist friends are guests from afar, please sit down and talk!" The old finger gives birth to a cloud bed on the ground in front of him and then looks at it and says
"Thank you, Brother!" Must be polite and sat down.
After waiting for the quasi-seat, the leader of Tongtian took a look at the quasi-seat and expressed resentment and said, "You are not here, but you want to have a windfall with your Western Ansheng?"
Although I have long known that this Sanqing will not give me a good face, I still sighed and laughed slightly when I heard that the leader of Tongtian was so accurate. "Brother Tongtian’s words are exaggerated. I have played autumn wind, but I have just crossed some Buddhists, but I don’t want to see through it. It’s wrong to be so obsessed!"
"Hehe, Pepe, the shame of being a friend is really the first in the world!" Aside the original Buddha smell speech sneer at a way
"The original Taoist friends flatter me. If I can compare with Taoist brothers!" Quasi-tit-for-tat way
"Hum!" When the original Buddha heard this, he immediately snorted and looked at the quasi-anger. "You mean you have to make it clear!"
I must have ignored the original Buddha and said to myself, "It’s not terrible to have no IQ. It’s terrible to have no IQ and not know it!"
"Who do you say has no IQ?" This is that the tongtian leader can’t stand the original Buddha, but their Sanqing and his brother say that he has no IQ. This doesn’t mean that Sanqing has no IQ. He has a fierce personality. If he can stand this speech, he will immediately jump up and turn his backhand and flash out the green ping sword to glare at him. He said that there is a big word that is inconsistent even if he is posturing.
Seeing that the leader of Tongtian was so impatient, he despised him in his heart and smiled without any fear. "Heaven knows, earth knows, you know, I know!"
If it comes to verbal warfare, if this heavenly leader can be a quasi-opponent, I don’t know what to say if he is angry at the moment.
At this time, the one who didn’t speak always saw the original Buddha and the leader of Tongtian beaten in words and couldn’t help but frown at the quasi-smile. "If Taoist friends come here today and bicker, we won’t have time to play along!"
I must have sighed in my heart, "This old man seems to be the most difficult to deal with in the Sanqing. It’s really worthy that the Sanqing first is much better than the original Tianzun and Tongtian leader!"
With a smile, he said, "Brother Dao laughed and dared not quarrel with the three if he borrowed ten guts!"
"Don’t talk too much about high-sounding words and get to the point!" Old motioning with his hand said
"Hehe, I’m still happy with my old brother!" I must have smiled and continued, "In that case, the poor monk will no longer beat around the bush. Now the catastrophe is happening again and coincides with the birth of the chaotic 36 magic. This chaotic 36 magic is not a poor monk. Thank you. I think the three brothers also know that they are powerful. The birth of the chaotic 36 magic will definitely bring new havoc to this world. If we saints leave it alone, then the quantity robbery will eventually evolve into a quantity robbery.
In order not to make this robbery evolve, but also to gain a chance for all beings in the world, I hope that the three Taoist friends can temporarily put aside their prejudices and let us Buddhism and Taoism join hands to eliminate this chaotic 36 demons. After that, we will finish this robbery. I wonder if there are three Taoist friends? "
After listening to the quasi-speech, the three reactions are different. I always think that the quasi-speech is to go against the sky. The birth of thirty-six demons is an act of god. Can a saint go against the sky? But I can’t agree with this idea myself.
However, the original Buddha felt that it must be nonsense. The chaotic 36 demons grew up in chaos, and the Pangu Great God failed in those days. Then how could they seal them? Otherwise, how could there be such a thing now? It is not advisable for an egg to touch a stone.
It was his original Buddha who was self-absorbed, but he didn’t know that Pangu was not unable to resist the chaotic 36 demons, but he was mindful that chaos clock was born and life was not easy, so he couldn’t bear to destroy them, which sealed them up
Both Lao and the original Buddha disagreed with this opinion, but the leader of Tongtian was somewhat persuaded. His doctrine of intercepting education was to intercept the chance of heaven, but it was a big move
Although my heart moved a little, the Tongtian leader still sold an extra eye to observe the old and the original Buddha, but he read the meaning of two people from two faces, so that he would not repeat the previous mistakes, so that he would strangle his own thoughts of wanting and agreeing.
I must have been watching Sanqing’s expression since I finished. Although I can’t guess Sanqing’s mind at this time, I can guess six or seven points.
Although I had long expected that Sanqing could not put prejudice on himself before coming, I still wanted to take a chance. Now, seeing three people in such a dark heart, I shook my head slightly, full of pity. At that time, the whole Jinggong fell into silence.
"alas!" After a long time, I must give a sigh, but I broke the silence first and said again, "Since the three brothers don’t agree with the poor monk’s proposal, the poor monk doesn’t want to impose on others. I hope that the three brothers can focus on my Buddhism and don’t hand behind my Buddhism when dealing with the thirty-six demons of chaos!"
"Ha ha, the prospective Taoist friend is confused. Now it’s the right time to rob and your Buddhism is the leading role of this robbery. If you don’t come to Buddhism to rob, how can this robbery pass?" The original Buddha sneered at the smell speech.
As soon as the original Buddha made this remark, the old and tongtian hierarch nodded, although they didn’t speak. Obviously, they didn’t want to miss a good opportunity to deal with Buddhism easily.
"Brother Yuan, you hate my Buddhism because my Buddhism is now powerful, and we argue that it’s all a struggle for Taoism. But I don’t know if you ever thought that it would be meaningful if all sentient beings lost our Taoism this day?" Zhundong
"This is not for you to worry about!" The original Buddha sneer at a way