Master, do you know her name? Although Guo Xiaosi’s mind is conclusive, he can’t believe this fact. When he thinks of that person’s name, his heart always hurts.

Xiao Datian thoughtfully for a moment and said that the female name is arch eyebrows.
But she Guo Xiaosi had already guessed that it was a flash of pain in her eyes, and Tang Xiaoqian couldn’t help but wrinkle up her eyebrows when she heard the name of a strange woman, and her mouth was slightly tilted, which made her jealous and charming.
Ok, you also go to rest. When you see Tang Xiaoqian and Guo Xiaosi, Xiao Datian can’t help but wave and say, Leave Li. I still have some things to ask.
Master Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian nodded and walked in the hall. Guo Xiaosi walked in front. Tang Xiaoqian silently followed Guo Xiaosi, and no one had a mouth, so he walked silently.
For a moment, Tang Xiaoqian was slightly embarrassed and asked Xiao Si, who is that arch eyebrows? After asking this sentence, Tang Xiaoqian’s face suddenly became flushed.
Xiaoqian heard Tang Xiaoqian’s question. Guo Xiaosi must have turned slowly and looked at Tang Xiaoqian with complicated eyes for a moment. Guo Xiaosi sighed deeply and turned to Tang Xiaoqian and said that she was my partner in the human world. When Guo Xiaosi said this, his eyes were full of pain.
Xiao Si, the pain in your Guo Xiaosi’s eyes was clearly seen by Tang Xiaoqian. She was not a tease, and she knew that Guo Xiaosi was not a fickle man. Besides, Tang Xiaoqian also saw a trace of memory from Guo Xiaosi’s painful eyes, which belonged to pain. That’s why Tang Xiaoqian said this to Guo Xiaosi, and her eyes were full of firmness. I will always be with you no matter what happens.
Xiaoqian heard Tang Xiaoqian’s words. Guo Xiaosi’s body trembled and the pain in his eyes was moved. He couldn’t help but hold Tang Xiaoqian in his arms. He seemed afraid that Tang Xiaoqian would suddenly disappear from his eyes.
Suddenly, I was hugged by Guo Xiaosi, and Tang Xiaoqian was a little flustered. Then I hugged Guo Xiaosi’s face flushed and Tang Xiaoqian was very strong and very determined.
Come with me for a walk. Hold Tang Xiaoqian silently. Guo Xiaosi whispered in Tang Xiaoqian’s ear. Guo Xiaosi has made up his mind to tell Tang Xiaoqian what he has done in the world. Tell Tang Xiaoqian what he has done.
Well, Tang Xiaoqian nodded and followed Guo Xiaosi slowly toward the back of the demon gate.
After Tang Xiaoqian’s departure from Guo Xiaosi, Xiao Datian silently stared at Li, while Li was uneasy. He made a wild guess that Xiao Datian left him with his eyes. The first thing that came to mind was to cultivate the spirit and tactic the secret passage. Did the master already see something?
Xiao Datian worded for a moment and asked Li, let me ask you something. You have to answer me truthfully.
Master asked his brother if he knew what Xiao Datian said, and Li quickly replied.
Well, the teacher elder sister, Qian Er, did you mean to Guo Xiaosi, or did they say that they had been together for a moment? Xiao Datian slowly asked if his face was not red. Fortunately, Li kept his head down or he would have been able to see Xiao Datian’s embarrassing side.
Xiao Datian asked mainly about Tang Xiaoqian’s heart. You should know that Tang Xiaoqian has always been cold and indifferent to people. It is mainly because Wei Deyin is so cold that Xiao Datian worries a lot.
Xiao Datian Tang Xiaoqian’s feelings are just like those of father and daughter. Xiao Datian doesn’t want Tang Xiaoqian to sink all the time. He wants Tang Xiaoqian to be happy every day. Xiao Datian is worried about knowing that Tang Xiaoqian’s fighting style was also developed when Wei De disappeared.
Especially in Tang Xiaoqian’s account of Guo Xiaosi and Li’s meeting Wei De in Ji Xian’s underground palace surprised Xiao Datian even more. What surprised Tang Xiaoqian was that he was still fighting for Wei De, but also gradually killing each other, which made Xiao Datian depressed and lost his shelter for Wei De Xiao Datian. From Tang Xiaoqian’s plain description of Wei De, Xiao Datian also knew that Wei De had changed. He was no longer the head of Duan Gankun’s door, but the strength did not give up.
I didn’t expect Xiao Datian to ask myself this. That’s what I can’t help but say. I don’t know what to say.
Hey, let’s talk quickly and stutter. What are you doing? When you see Li’s expression, Xiao Datian can’t help but get anxious and keep urging Li.
My master and elder sister seem to have a feeling for Li, the younger brother. It seems that there is nothing to hide about such a thing, so they boldly say something in the underground palace of Ji Xian.
Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian sat in the back of the mountain and fell with the setting sun. So now in the spiritual world, Tang Xiaoqian quietly snuggled in Guo Xiaosi’s arms and silently listened to Guo Xiaosi’s story about the human world. Tang Xiaoqian was not surprised when he heard that Guo Xiaosi could transform in the human world.
When it comes to Guo Xiaosi’s arch eyebrows traveling around the world together, Tang Xiaoqian’s eyes are full of envy. In his mind, he directly replaces arch eyebrows with himself and dreams that Guo Xiaosi will join hands to travel with people.
When I heard that arch eyebrows actually turned Guo Xiaosi into a monster, I disdained to hang on Tang Xiaoqian’s face. Then Tang Xiaoqian also felt Guo Xiaosi’s pain and gently snuggled in Guo Xiaosi’s arms with Guo Xiaosi silently.
Chapter four hundred and ninety-two The eastern mountains
Chapter four hundred and ninety-two The eastern mountains
When Guo Xiaosi confided everything in the human world to Tang Xiaoqian, he felt relaxed and couldn’t help laughing. He stroked Tang Xiaoqian’s hair and said slowly, I didn’t know that it was actually a kind of enjoyment to pour out my heart.
Hum, you vomit not from your heart, but loneliness. Just then, I climbed on Tang Xiaoqian’s shoulder and Xuanque disdained to look at Guo Xiaosi.
Haha, it’s good that I pour out my loneliness. Haha, I heard Xuanque’s words. Guo Xiaosi burst out laughing and gave some applause, by the way.
Xiao Si, I want you to travel in the spirit world together. Suddenly, Tang Xiaoqian got up and looked at Guo Xiaosi firmly. Tang Xiaoqian’s little girl’s mentality was suspicious. She wanted Guo Xiaosi to travel again and swim all the spirit world again.
Good Guo Xiaosi didn’t hesitate to nod his head. It’s a good choice to travel through the door. It’s a good choice to be able to practice the spiritual cultivation tactic safely. Guo Xiaosi has decided to practice the spiritual cultivation tactic thoroughly. The purpose is to make himself strong quickly. Guo Xiaosi is very white-faced and guilty. I’m afraid that he will face countless troubles if he doesn’t raise his strength. Guo Xiaosi will not admit that Wei De will let go of his three people and will also release some news to seduce his greed for spiritual cultivation tactic or draw the attention of immortals to Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian.
Let’s send it now. When we hear Guo Xiaosi’s promise, Tang Xiaoqian can’t help but get excited. Personally, he looks refreshed. The usual dignified look has long been lost, or that Tang Xiaoqian has come from his own heart, just when Tang Xiaoqian confided in Guo Xiaosi, or that Tang Xiaoqian has come from the shadows when he told Guo Xiaosi about his virtue.
Ok, Guo Xiaosi nodded generously, but let’s say hello to Brother Li first. We can’t let him worry. In Guo Xiaosi’s words, we actually want Li to find a place to practice and show up less.
Ok, let’s go. Although Tang Xiaoqian is in the shadows, her impulsive personality has not changed. When she pulls Guo Xiaosi, she goes to look at Tang Xiaoqian’s power and appearance. Guo Xiaosi Nai smiled and followed behind Tang Xiaoqian.
For Xiao Datian, why will Li Guo Xiaosi stay? I can probably guess that it may be himself. Tang Xiaoqian’s business is to cultivate gods. I’m afraid I would have chosen face to face how to leave Li.
When Li went to the hall in Guo Xiaosi, Tang Xiaoqian met Li Tang Xiaoqian, who quickly stopped teacher younger brother Li. My junior four is going to travel around the world, and you should take care of yourself. Tang Xiaoqian also put on a obedient posture of the teacher elder sister.
Seeing Li’s surprised look, Guo Xiaosi smiled at Li Qiao and said that Weide would definitely come from Ji Xian’s underground palace, regardless of whether he got the method of cultivating gods or not, it would also push the three of us to the wind and waves and make us a target.
Teacher younger brother, you mean that Li Wenwen looked at Guo Xiaosi with a surprised look.
Why don’t you find a secret place to secretly cultivate the spiritual cultivation tactic? Guo Xiaosi has given you a low-level opportunity. Even now, if you don’t cultivate the spiritual cultivation tactic, you will become a street mouse. The only way is to make yourself stronger and less able to compete with the majority of spiritual cultivation and less able to escape from the immortal.
Hao Li is also a flexible person. After listening to Guo Xiaosi’s words, he has already thought clearly about the interests involved. When nodding, he should agree
Take care of yourself, Senior Brother. Guo Xiaosi surrendered to Li Fuquan.
Hehe, you two take care of yourself, too. Li said, while giving Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian an ambiguous look, Tang Xiaoqian took the lead in blushing and bowing his head.
Haha, in Li Ha ha laugh, Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian went directly to the imperial court and disappeared in a blink of an eye. Looking at Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian’s disappearing figure, Li silently sighed and thought about where he should go, and then left.
Xiaoqian, let’s go to the imperial palace and walk for a moment. Guo Xiaosi will call Wu Peng as a coolie, but when Guo Xiaosi came to the spiritual world, it was not long and he didn’t know much about it. Ask Tang Xiaoqian who was lying in his arms.
Let’s go east. Tang Xiaoqian quietly snuggled in Guo Xiaosi’s arms and said to Guo Xiaosi, the eastern part of the spiritual world is rich in natural materials and treasures. It is said that it was once an ancient relic. Tang Xiaoqian has obviously decided where to go and introduced his destination to Guo Xiaosi.
Guo Xiaosi, an ancient relic, immediately looked at Tang Xiaoqian in astonishment. Why haven’t I heard of the ancient relic in the spirit world?
In fact, it’s all a public secret. After all, the ruins have already been destroyed by the predecessors. Tang Xiaoqian also knows that it’s fashionable for Guo Xiaosi to come to the spiritual world. Introduce Guo Xiaosi to this ancient ruins road. Before the formation of the spiritual world, the ancient gods held some palaces in the spiritual world. I don’t know why the palace was devastated. I think it was a battle, but the blow is still a lot of good things. With the increase of the number of people in the spiritual world, this relic has become the goal of everyone scrambling to explore treasures. After thousands of years of years of exploration and excavation, it has no value. It’s
Listening to Tang Xiaoqian’s words, Guo Xiaosi secretly nodded and finally understood what this ancient relic is all about. After all, it is actually a pile of ruins that have been screened. There is really no other profitable value except appreciation. I want to come to Tang Xiaoqian’s choice of this place for a scene.