"Don’t cut it." Proud face

"Shall I teach you how to swim?"
"Just don’t let me play with water."
"In summer, we will get two swimming cards when we go back. I will definitely teach you to swim in the summer, which is good for your health. Many people who work in offices should swim more."
"Teach me and then swim with you, right?"
"True cleverness"
In the evening, Xia returned to her room and was changing clothes when she suddenly received Shanshan WeChat. She said, "Xia Jie, I promised Jun to be his girlfriend. He said that if I don’t go back to live late, I will keep it a secret."
Xia Xiaoxiao, this girl is not brave enough. "You should pay attention to Ann’s girl and be careful about some things."
Shanshan replied, "Yeah, I know."
It’s getting dark, and everyone’s dinner is arranged on the beach for bbq barbecue and all kinds of seafood. This meal is a treat for Ruan Bin alone, which costs a lot of money.
"Ruan, you are the boss here. Say a few words."
Ruan Bin smiled and raised his glass and said, "There’s nothing to say. Since you come out to play, you can have fun and eat as much as you want, so you can work harder."
Everyone shouted "OK"
Let’s drink together. The beach is full of laughter.
Night covers Yalong Bay coastline, which is more beautiful and brightly lit. The sea dotted together to outline a winding and charming coastline is unforgettable.
Ruan Bin and Xia made excuses to slip away while everyone was having fun. In the night, they hid themselves from the crowd and walked on the beach hand in hand and barefoot.
The waves rolled in one by one, and the cool sea water hit the feet very comfortably, and the sand was as soft as stepping on cotton.
"Why do we play with everyone or act alone?"
"How about taking you fishing at sea some day?"
"Good" Xia suddenly remembered "Oh, by the way, Shanshan sent me a WeChat saying that she would not come back later, and she went to play in the city with Jun"
"Yeah, they’re together."
Ruan Bin clasped her palm and said, "That’s good. Let’s have another couple of nights in the office. You can sleep at my place. I’ll tell you to watch the sunrise."
Xia asked, "Are you happy that there are many happy events in our office or that Shanshan won’t come back to live tonight?"
"Ha ha all happy? ?” After a pause, he corrected, "The latter is more happy."
Some things happened naturally. It was not the first time that they slept together, nor was it the first time that Xia hinted at him, but Ruan Bin didn’t push her this time.
"You can stop now," he said in a deep voice. He has been restraining and suppressing.
Xia Huan tightened his neck and shook his head and said, "I’m already ready."
Ruan Bin kissed her and guided her to say, "Then I will continue. Just relax and don’t be afraid."
But in this case, the words suddenly rang out of place, and Ruan Bin angrily swore, "Who is disturbing the old good things at this time?"
Summer didn’t hold back a smile, and the original tension also relaxed a lot. "So you can swear, too."
"Uh-huh, I am an escort." Ruan Bin reluctantly reached for the bedside table and took a look at his mobile phone, which made him even more annoyed. "Yu Dandan didn’t pick it up."
He decisively pressed the words and cut to the chase, but the bell stubbornly rang again, pressed again, pressed again and rang again.
"Answer it. Maybe she’s really busy," Xia said.
Ruanbin sighed and naively picked up the words "What is it?"
Yu Dandan cried at the other end of the conversation as if he were drunk and said, "Ruan, I’m sorry to bother you so late, but I really like it when you can’t see you for a day."
Ruan Bin said mercilessly, "If you feel uncomfortable, go to see a doctor."
"Ruan, just give me a chance, okay? I promise I won’t let your girlfriend know that you give me a chance for three months. If you still insist on choosing your girlfriend, then I quit."
"You have let her know." RuanBin suddenly bit Xia’s shoulder and Xia was able to make an ambiguous "ah".