Zhao Zihe finally got it. After being hit hard twice, he still responded in time and bent his elbow to protect his neck!

"Silly fork you! !” Wang Baobao did the same trick again, but it was an empty trick. The real killing trick was still on the next three roads, and the knees were once again under the navel of Zhao Zihe!
"Ah …! ! !” Zhao Zihe was hit hard again. His white face turned from white to red and from red to purple in an instant!
Wang Baobao rise and tide wait for no man, while Zhao Zihe action once again a lag moment, first before opening, wring Zhao Zihe’s left and right arms, and then grabbed Zhao Zihe’s bo neckband with one hand, another hand LUN Yuan slap, according to Zhao Zihe’s face is a smoke, "spluttered pa-! !” Scold while smoking Wang Baobao, "mama of, call your boy to offend miss Shen! Call your boy to offend Miss Shen! ! Call your boy to offend Miss Shen! ! !”
After this phone call, Zhao Zihe’s glasses flew away, and his hair exploded, not to mention his face, which was swollen like his ass!
A look at about the same, Wang Baobao’s hand is a hand knife hard cut on Zhao Zihe’s neck, Zhao Zihe cried their eyes once again, fainted!
Wang Baobao shouldered Zhao Zihe, who fainted, and rushed back straight at this array!
The end of World War II, and the third battle between Li Yuanzhen and Qian Yuanshan is even more without any suspense!
Although Qian Yuanshan was once trained in Tenglongge and practiced kung fu, he hasn’t practiced martial arts since he left Tenglongge. He has been drinking and drinking all day, and there is not much real kung fu left!
And it happened that he was against Li Yuanzhen, the most profound martial arts attainments among the eight door masters, and he was superb in his family heirloom!
The two match, only a cliff, Qian Yuanshan only kicked a fly kick, and Li Yuanzhen caught it red-handed, reversed a twist, and only heard a crunchy "click", and one foot of Qian Yuanshan announced reimbursement!
Li Yuanzhen followed by two claws grabbed Qian Yuanshan’s hands and wrists, and it was "Kaka", and Qian Yuanshan’s two arms were dislocated for the time being! Li Yuanzhen grabbed Qian Yuanshan’s chin and left and right, and took off his chin. Finally, he put his foot on the knee joint of Qian Yuanshan’s other good leg, and it was crunchy again. This leg was also reimbursed!
Qian Yuanshan seems to have lost his puppet, and collapsed to the ground!
Li Yuanzhen carried Qian Yuanshan upside down, jumped onto the top of a bright van, raised Qian Yuanshan with one hand and shouted to the three masters who were still resisting in the field: "All your bosses have been won, don’t you surrender?" ! !”
Chapter seventy-eight Who is the boss
Li Yuanzhen’s voice was like a thunder, and the ears of all the people in the field were buzzing straight. The three masters who killed the red eye all came out like a dream, and returned to normal reason. Look at Qian Yuanshan, who was in the hands of Li Yuanzhen, and he shook his head for a moment. Then he only heard the sound of "ringing", and the remaining three masters all threw away their weapons and squatted on the ground. "We surrendered! Surrender! !”
With the collective surrender of the children of Sanmen, the four-door rebellion of the Kowloon Games came to an end. There are two things left to do next. First, deal with the owner of Sanmen headed by Zhao Zihe; Second, comprehensively recycle and rectify the venue left by the four doors!
Naturally, the first thing to do now is to dispose of the three door owners headed by Zhao Zihe. Li Yuanzhen jumped out of the van, lifted Qian Yuanshan to Jiuzhong, threw it on the ground and said, "Take care of it, faucet!"
Jiuzhong looked down at the three people who fainted on the ground and said, "… wake them up!"
Wang Baobao said, "I’ll come ~!" Said came up, at the crotch of three people a foot, dizzy dead three people immediately staring eyes propped up from the ground!
Jiuzhong looked at Zhao Zihe, who had been beaten by Wang Baobao, and said, "How’s it going? Are you all right? !”
Zhao Zihe vague way: "quick … call a doctor, I … I have a pain below! !”
"Nothing, it won’t hurt soon!" Jiuzhong patted Zhao Zihe on the shoulder with a smile, straightened up, turned to Shen Yue and said, "It’s all yours!" Then to all the people present, "all turned away! !”
When all the people present heard this, except Wang Baobao and several door owners, all the others "shout" turned away.
Shen Yue walked slowly to the front of Wu Weiwei. A pair of icy eyes looked at Wu Weiwei indifferently and said, "I just want to ask you, did you participate in the assassination of my father?" !”
“……! !” Wu Weiwei’s brain is stupid. He did attend, but he didn’t know what to say at the moment and got stuck there!
Although Wu Weiwei said nothing, his hesitation has answered Shen Yue!
Shen Yue picked up a sharp knife from the ground and there was a flash of cold light. "Poof-!" Wu Weiwei’s neck was cut open, and he was full of blood. He fell to the ground and twitched a few times and then there was no movement!
Regardless of the blood spattered on his face, Shen Yue went straight to Qian Yuanshan with a knife and asked indifferently, "What about you? Did you kill my father? !”
“……! !” Qian Yuanshan’s mouth is much better than Wu Weiwei’s, but the problem is that his chin has been removed by Li Yuanzhen now, and he wants to argue but he can’t speak. As a result, it has the same effect as Wu Weiwei!
There was a flash of cold light, and Qian Yuanshan followed in Wu Weiwei’s footsteps! Before he died, all his blood was sprayed on Zhao Zihe’s face. Zhao Zihe didn’t feel half warm, but he was trembling all over!
Finally, Shen Yue turned to Zhao Zihe and asked, "… What do you mean by killing my father? !”
Zhao Zihe looked at Shen Yue’s sharp knife with blood streaming down his hand, and glanced at Shen Yue’s cold eyes as if he had fallen into icehouse. His blood faded and his face was livid. He said, "You … you … you can’t kill me! !”
"… give me a reason!"
"I … my father-in-law is the owner of Tenglong Pavilion! !” Zhao Zihe shouted this sentence!
Hearing Zhao Zihe’s propaganda, one of the three surrendered people suddenly stood up, holding a smart phone and shouted, "The owner of Tenglong Pavilion has something to say! !”
When everyone heard this, they turned their heads and looked in the direction of the voice. Jiuzhong waved to the man and said, "Come here!"
The man walked through the crowd, pointed his mobile phone at everyone, and the video call was on the mobile phone. He said, "The cabinet owner wants to talk to you!"
Jiuzhong and several door owners all cast their eyes on the video of the smart phone, and they saw a thin-faced old man with white hair and long beard, with ruddy face and hale spirit! Zhou Dingguo whispered to Jiuzhong, "Dragon Head, this man is Ouyang Tianque, the owner of the Tenglong Pavilion!"
In the video, Ouyang Tianque looked at several people in front of him and slowly said, "I already know about the four-door rebellion. Although Zhao Zihe was wrong, he still didn’t die! So, what do you say you escort him to me and let him think for ten years to atone for his sins? !”
Several door owners bowed their heads and said nothing when they heard the news, and their eyes aimed at Jiuchong!
Nine corners of the mouth with a sneer, came to the phone near, staring at the Ouyang Tianque in the video, sink a track: "I ask you, who is the boss of the Dragon Club? !”
“……!” Ouyang Tianque didn’t speak, but his eyes have become gloomy!
"I his mama ask you, who is the boss of the Dragon Club? ! !”
"… is you! What’s the matter? !” Ouyang Tianque’s eyes looked at Jiuchong with solemnity.
"That you his mama also fee what words, what to do with him is Lao tze, do you have the right to ask? !” Nine heavy tit-for-tat greeted Ouyang Tianque solemnity’s eyes.
In the video, the muscles on Ouyang Tianque’s face twitched twice, and slowly said, "Jiuchong … Don’t think that you are the descendants of the nine families, you can be in absolute monarch at the Kowloon Fair! !”
"Hey … you endure me? !” Said the nine heavy suddenly, like dealing with a leopard, the man with a mobile phone head pressed into the ground, and then a foot will fall to the ground on the phone!
After finishing the whole dress, I looked at Shen Yue who was staring at him in a daze and said, "Why are you standing there?" Go on! "
“……!” Shen Yue turned to face Zhao Zihe again!
“……! !” Without Ouyang Tianque, the last straw, Zhao Zihe was completely stupid. "Rao …!" I was about to ask for mercy, but before the word "life" could be uttered, I saw a flash of cold light, a cavity of blood bursting out, and I fell to the ground, "… life!" Say the last word and die!
"Ah … ah … ah …! !” Finally, all the enemies who killed their father were hand-bladed, and Shen Yue’s eyes flashed and his emotions fluctuated violently!
Jiuchong reached forward and took the sharp knife in Shen Yue’s hand, threw it aside, and then wiped the blood on Shen Yueqiao’s face, softly: "… it’s all right, it’s all over! Let’s go back! " Then he took Shen Yue’s hand and walked out. When he passed Li Yuanzhen’s side, he patted Li Yuanzhen on the shoulder and said, "I’ll leave the aftermath to you!"
"Don’t worry, faucet!"
Shen Yue was held hands by Jiuzhong in a trance, followed Jiuzhong on the bus and returned to Longyu all the way!
Back to Longyu Mansion, Jiuzhong sent Shen Yue back to his room and stayed with him until Shen Yue slept peacefully, before he left.
In the next three days, there are a lot of things to be done in the aftermath of the four doors, and Jiuzhong has to give instructions one by one, so he has no time to play games for three days.
Until the fourth day, all the aftermath was handled, and Jiuzhong finally got down at leisure. Li Yuanzhen, Zhou Dingguo, Zheng Bengu and Han Yi gathered in Longyu and reported a series of matters to Jiuzhong as a whole. Jiuzhong gave instructions on the pending matters one after another. After all the instructions were finished, Jiuzhong leaned back on the sofa and breathed a sigh of relief. He said, "Wow, nothing is easy! Is it all right this time? !”
"There are no four things for the time being, but …!" Li Yuanzhen and Zhou Dingguo exchanged glances, and then said, "One more thing … we always care! But you may not want to listen to the faucet! "
"You all say so, can I not listen? Go ahead, is there anything else? !”
Two people hesitated for a moment, finally Li Yuanzhen said: "bibcock, you must know the identity of Miss Shen Yue, right? !”
Nine heavy one leng, way: "what identity? !”
"Miss Shen Yue is a descendant of the Shenyang family … that is, an enemy of the nine families!" Li Yuanzhen said slowly, "When Miss Shen Yue’s grandfather Shen Yun usurped power and seized power, he designed to seriously injure your parents and drive away the old leader of Jiukong at that time, that is, your grandfather, and monopolized the power of the Kowloon Club! Dare to ask the faucet, are your parents and the old faucet still alive? !”
Jiuzhong scratched his head and said, "Grandpa died when I was fifteen. As for my parents, I don’t have much impression. According to my grandfather, it seems that I died of illness when I was two or three years old!"