It is obvious that Ji Lingyun has a high position in the village.

The reason for this situation is suspected to be Ji Yunlun, Ji Lingyun’s father.
Pang Xia’s toes can make sure that his daughter has such a high position in the village.
And one sentence can make her daughter bring a stranger into the village from the outside.
Its position in the village must be extremely special.
Holding Ji Lingyun’s soft hand, Pang Xia drove her to a fairly wide courtyard in the center of the village.
Although it seems that the courtyard where Phoenix Ji’s family is located is probably rich and rural.
However, some doorways in the park surprised Pang Xia and sighed that it was the oldest Phoenix Jijia!
For example, Pang Xia passed by a small yard full of flowers and weeds just now.
Just take a look at the system and pop up all kinds of discoveries and treasure the elixir, and then pop up one after another.
For example, Pang Xia passed by a family while the iron was hot, and the hoes outside the door were all local weapons.
This kind of luxury, which is low-key to the extreme, makes Pang Xia secretly sigh that this is the proper background of a big family.
Compared with the most overbearing family members, their coquettish clothes are lost to the extreme.
Follow Ji Lingyun Pang Xia into the wide courtyard.
Walking into the courtyard hall, Pang Xia found many people sitting on both sides of the hall.
But among so many people, the most attractive thing for Pang Xia is a middle-aged man sitting in the plush chair in the middle of the hall.
This middle-aged man looks very ordinary, with two moustaches and a blue gown.
He looks like the most ordinary accountant.
However, it is such a middle-aged man who looks ordinary to the extreme that Pang Xia can’t move his eyes at first sight.
Pangxia was looking at the middle-aged man when the other party was looking at Pangxia.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t look at it. Look at the middle-aged man lightly.
Pang Xia felt that the middle-aged man’s ordinary eyes became sharper than before after this light hair was exported.
More than Pang Xia felt that the middle-aged man’s eyes seemed to shoot two blazing mans, which made him feel the pressure increase greatly.
A kind of pressure hung over Pang Xia, which made Pang Xia have a little idea to bow down.
However, as soon as this idea appeared in Pang Xia’s heart, it made him furious.
"I, Pang Xia, don’t kneel down to my biological parents. What kind of onion are you!"
Roaring in my heart, a stream of unyielding spirit was born from Pang Xia’s heart.
Followed by a knife full of destruction and a firm but gentle release full of life.
This knife gas and firm but gentle into PangXia eyes released from PangXia eyes directly to the middle-aged man’s line of sight!
But see two people line of sight intersection center unexpectedly by inspire a roar.
The people sitting on both sides of the hall are almost all slightly changed.
What’s more, many people have been surprised and voiced doubts.
Then PangXia slightly pale corners of the mouth unexpectedly shed a trace of blood.
See PangXia change JiLingYun busy ran to hold PangXia arm some anxious mouth way
"Big brother, what’s wrong with you? Are you sick? My family has very good medicinal materials that will definitely cure you."
Stretched out his hand and wiped her mouth blood PangXia stretched out his hand and touched the JiLingYun head said with a smile.
"Lingyun will be fine soon without big brother. Don’t worry about taking any medicine."
Hear PangXia say JiLingYun some hesitation nodded, and then don’t recede is beside PangXia.
See JiLingYun move the middle-aged man some nai and spoil smiled.
"Little friend, just now, I made a temptation to little friend and asked little friend to atone."
Looking at the middle-aged man Pang Xia, he suddenly found himself as if he were angry with each other.
Smiled and also said "predecessors, there is no malicious talk about atonement.
What’s more, it’s natural for the seniors to study the younger generation. The seniors don’t have to apologize. "
Nodded, the middle-aged man continued, "Little friend, you are young but you have realized life and death."
And put life and death into fencing and knife-cutting. Among the young people I have seen, Xiaoyou is a leader.