Blood drink? It’s quite suitable for the name of blood zombie. Lin Tianxiao took out the identification scroll and identified it, but to Lin Tianxiao’s surprise, three identification scrolls didn’t identify the bleeding drink attribute.

Lin Tianxiao frowned and put the blood in the Buddha’s ring. Lin Tianxiao looked at his big medicine face and revealed a little Nai smile. To tell the truth, Lin Tianxiao didn’t bring any big medicine. He put a few bundles in the package for preparation. Even if the monster came out, Lin Tianxiao wouldn’t pick it up, which would take up too much space.
However, it was only after the battle against the blood zombie boss that Lin Tianxie discovered the Big Pharmacy, especially now he is exploring the Red Moon Canyon. Who knows if there will be another monster like the blood zombie boss?
I ordered the roll back to the city, Lin Tianxiao returned to the daytime gate, went to the pharmacy, immediately bought 50 bundles of super trauma medicine, and then repaired a suit of equipment before going straight to the Buddha’s temple.
"I got a weapon, but I can’t identify it. I want to ask the master to have a look!" Lin Tianxiao said that he handed the blood to the Buddha.
The Buddha’s face showed a little surprised look. "It seems that this disaster has been avoided by the law." The Buddha immediately showed his prototype by reaching out and helping him drink blood.
Lin Tianxie took the blood drink handed by the Buddha and looked at a blood drink attribute.
Blood drink (ghost high-order)
Magic attack 1216
Physical attack 12
Increases magic attack by 50%
Increase physical attack power by 30%
Increase blood volume by 100%
There is a one percent chance of a fatal blow.
Need professional magicians and soldiers
Level 1 is required.
Need magic 1
Need wrist strength 1
Additional skills meeting
Blood drink is a once famous artifact of The Hunger magic weapon. Because The Hunger has been enchanted, the level of blood drink has been reduced to a ghost, and those who have blood drink will have a poor life.
Seeing the property of blood drink, Lin Tianxie was immediately dumbfounded. Blood drink is now a ghost, but it is an artifact. If blood drink can be restored to its original appearance, it will sweep the sky.
This peerless weapon must not be leaked, but it must be made by a magician if you want to exert the greatest power of blood drink. Although Wang Youliang can also make it, it is obvious that blood drink is tailor-made by a magician.
The blood drink was included in the Buddha’s ring. Lin Tianxiao didn’t show his joy. Instead, there was a trace of heaviness in his heart. Lin Tianxiao shouted at the Buddha and said, "Master, you said that the blood drink is a weapon of The Hunger. Did I slay the blood zombie as The Hunger?"
Buddha gave me a smile "The Hunger? If The Hunger is alive, I’m afraid you can come back alive. Although this blood drink is very good, it’s an imitation. The real blood drink is still in The Hunger’s hands. "
"Ah?" Lin Tianxiae was shocked that such a powerful blood drink was actually an imitation. How is this possible? "Master, are you telling the truth?"
"Half a sentence is true!"
"This time, Master, I came back because of physical and mental fatigue. If I keep looking, I have to go back. Is there any skill or magic weapon that can be sent directly?" Lin Tianxiao gave me a sneer and asked, in his opinion, his master Tianmen Buddha definitely has such skills or equipment.
"Tell you what, I’ll give you a drawing and you can make some scrolls. These scrolls are random and may not be sent anywhere," said the Buddha, taking out a scroll from his sleeve.
Lin Tian evil heart a joy took the scroll to look up.
Random scroll system drawings With this scroll, players can make random scrolls on the same map, but they can send them at random.
When I saw this attribute, Lin Tianxie immediately lost one thing and made money!
Chapter 12 Random Scroll secular ()
A long way from the Buddha, Lin Tianxiao withdrew from the Buddha Hall. Just then, Lin Tianxiao heard the unified sound in his ear.
"Your friend Yuanbao businessman transferred 3.2 billion yuan to you, please check it!"
Lin Tianxie was dumbfounded immediately. I believe that the unified display will immediately play the status bar, and sure enough, the message shows the words just now.
"I’ll go!"
Lin Tianxiao blurted out that he jumped up with a high jump, and his body couldn’t help shivering. Apart from the first 500 million yuan, he directly earned 27 billion yuan this time. It’s only been a few days that he has become a billionaire.
I don’t believe my ears, I don’t believe my eyes, I see Lin Tianxie, I quit the game directly, and I called the bank to check my account. Sure enough, there are 3.2 billion in the account, followed by 32 in front.
After confirming that all this is true, Lin Tianxie became restless. He had already entered the game and saw Lin Tianxie come to the window and pushed the window. Suddenly, he screamed.
"What the hell are you crying about in the middle of the night!"
"If you want to die, believe it or not, find someone to smash you!"
Several abuse into the ears of Lin Tianxiao Lin Tianxiao quickly shrank his head back and walked to Wang Youliang’s bed to shout Wang Youliang out of the game.
"Why? I’m trying to see if you can oo in the game with her. If you have anything urgent, press my emergency exit button!" As soon as Wang Youliang came out, he gave Lin Tianxiao a scolding.
Lin Tianxiae shook his head. "Hey, I made 3 billion yuan and wanted to share it with you. I didn’t expect you to forget it like this. You play your woman and I play my game!"
"Only thirty-two …" Wang Youliang said with a face of disdain. Suddenly, a pull came from Lin Tianxiao’s arm and shouted, "What did you say? 32 billion? I heard you right! "
"I didn’t hear wrong, I have already checked just now!" Lin Tianxiao said lightly, but his face revealed a wretched smile.
"You wait!"
Say that finish Wang Youliang a dashed to the window, pull the window face upwards whistling!
Wang Youliang is no longer greeted by abuse, but by flying bottles and garbage with smelly socks!
Wang Youliang immediately went to the window and vomited a few mouthfuls. Just now, one smelly sock didn’t escape and hit his mouth. The smell really made Wang You bright. It is estimated that this smelly sock buddy still lives in a single dormitory, otherwise no one can stand it.
Wang Youliang rushed back to give Lin Tianxiao a bear hug.
"Brothers and good brothers are not far from our goal!"
"That’s estimated that when I go back this time, we can get engaged!"
"What? You got another batch of equipment? Did you rob the equipment library of Union Heavy Province? "
"That’s true!"
"Not really?"
"But those are np-enabled equipment, and what I said is not equipment. Anyway, you will know in a moment!"
"Then I will contact you quickly!"