Ma sneered, "It’s no good waiting. Is it okay to wait at the gate of Long Mansion?"

Just then someone in the door shouted, "Have fun? Are you really here?"
A middle-aged man with a fine face and a moustache has rushed out with his face full of excitement. As soon as he saw Li Xunhuan, he tried to hold him. Boga said, "Yes, it’s true that you have come … it’s true that you have come …" The words are full of tears before you finish.
After a greeting, Long Xiaoyun has taken Li Xunhuan’s hand and walked in. Hong Haier Long Xiaoyun is sitting in the hall with a dozen people around him. He is also white. His father and Li Xunhuan are too scared to cry.
But Long Xiaoyun just hugged Li Xunhuan and walked into the hall. Next to Long Xiaoyun, two big men suddenly jumped out and pointed to Li Xunhuan’s nose. "Is it your friend who hurt Master Yun’s demon way?"
Li Xunhuan said, "Not bad!"
The big fellow nu way "how small you are! Although your friend is afraid to come, you can pay his debts! "
Two people a left a right unexpectedly to Li Xunhuan attack! Li Xunhuan didn’t return your hand, but Long Xiaoyun suddenly thundered with a backhand and a palm followed by a leg and both of them were beaten out and nu way, "How dare you shoot him? You are really courageous. Do you know who he is? "
The two men never imagined that the flattery was photographed with one horse leg burying his face in it and eating. "We just want to help Master Yun …"
Long Xiaoyun said, "How do you want to tell you that Long Xiaoyun’s son is Li Xunhuan’s son Li Xunhuan? Don’t say that even if you don’t teach him a lesson, you should kill this beast!"
He shouted loudly, "No one is allowed to do this again from now on. If anyone dares to do this again, it’s just a matter of spite for Long Xiaoyun!"
He might feel better if Long Xiaoyun lashed out at him and turned against him, but Long Xiaoyun was so angry that he felt even more ashamed and uncomfortable! Dim way "eldest brother, I really don’t know if not, I would never let him …"
Long Xiaoyun force a clap his shoulder and laughed, "brother, why have you become such a mother-in-law? This beast is so spoiled by his mother that I shouldn’t have taught him martial arts. "
He laughed and shouted, "Come on, let’s bring wine. You can talk about who can get my brother drunk and my horse will give him 520 silver."
Most of the people in the hall are operatives, and their eyes are not bright. They have already gathered around to greet Li Xunhuan with a smile apologetically and listen to the hall. "Mrs. Lift the curtain quickly and come out."
Li Xunhuan hopes that this is another dream, but the truth is always much more cruel than the dream. He can even escape. He has a smile to cover up his pain and reluctantly smiles. "Hello, Sister-in-law!"
Lin Shiyin, on the other hand, didn’t seem to hear Li Xunhuan’s pain calling her heart as if she had been absorbed in her son.
When Long Xiaoyun saw Lin Shiyin coming, he immediately cried and threw himself into Lin Shiyin’s arms and cried, "Mom, I have been deprived of martial arts. I have become a disabled person since then. You have to make decisions for me!"
Lin Shiyin looked at Long Xiaoyun with a painful face and said, "Who hurt you?"
Long Xiaoyun pointed to Li Xunhuan and said, "I don’t know, but that man is his friend. Because he couldn’t bear to hurt each other, he was assassinated by the other side’s despicable means. You have to make decisions for me!"
At this moment, a sudden cry came from outside: "Let go, let master Shaolin’s eyebrows arrive. Maybe Master Long’s injury can be saved."
As the man’s voice just fell, an old monk with a tall and thin figure and a solemn and compassionate face came in.
Seeing that the old monk folded his hands in front of Lin Shiyin, he said, "I’ve heard that Mrs. Amitabha Dragon’s husband was injured by a demon, and I’ve asked Mrs. Long to take her pulse for the time being."
At this time, Lin Shiyin cried as if he had caught the last straw and said to Master Xin Mei, "Please be merciful and cure my son."
At this time, Long Xiaoyun came over and stopped Lin Shiyin from saluting Master Xin Mei and said, "The dog is stubborn and has the heart of the master."
Master Xin Mei changed a ceremony for Long Xiaoyun and then went to Long Xiaoyun’s side. He felt his pulse in Xiao Long Cloud and Lin Shiyin, and others watched Master Xin Mei’s brow, but it became more and more tight as time went by. Master Xin Mei suddenly took his right hand to the abdomen of Long Xiaoyun, and then suddenly he went backwards for seven steps.
At this time, Master Xin Mei shook his head at Long Xiaoyun and Lin Shiyin and said, "How terrible the force is, how terrible the knife method is, how terrible the murderous look is. Master Long, please forgive me. There is a plot in the Dantian that is based on the terrible knife spirit. It is really terrible that the person who gave out the knife spirit can even make it contain an earth-shattering Shaqi after the knife spirit is separated from the body."
Then Master Xin Mei calmed down and asked Long Xiaoyun, "But I don’t know whether your husband has offended someone and attracted such a peerless master to shoot a child."
Looking at himself, Long Xiaoyun and Lin Shiyin Li Xunhuan finally said, "This man’s name is Zhang Ping, who claims to be the Purple Blood Demon Road. I met my friend by chance in a small town the other day. I have never seen him perform martial arts except a superb martial arts."
Master Xin Mei declared the Buddha’s name with his hands folded, saying, "Everything about Amitabha is predestined. This Zhang Daochang’s martial arts is absolutely incomparable. All this must have misunderstood Master Long’s real ability. I’m sorry."
At this time, Lin Shiyin looked at Li Xunhuan coldly and said, "What? Didn’t you hurt me enough? Now you’ve known your friends for a few days and they’re going to hurt me again. "
In the face of Lin Shiyin’s questioning, Li Xunhuan can be silent … To be continued
Chapter two hundred and thirty-one Night attack Xingyun Village
The night is getting deeper and deeper, but the more you drink, the more sober you are.
Li Xunhuan has felt a little unusual at this time, because if a person keeps drinking and becomes more and more sober, there must be something wrong, and if a group of people keep drinking and become more and more sober, there must be something wrong.
The deeper the night is, the more unbearable it is to accompany the people in the Wulin heroes. The crowd turns pale and asks, "Why doesn’t Uncle Zhao come back after midnight?"
Li Xunhuan frowned. "The uncle zhao is also a promise person? Do you have to wait for him to come back before you drink? "
One person reckon that "we can’t really drink this wine if Uncle Zhao doesn’t come back."