Looking at the crying, I was afraid that the child would come back and see her crying. Aunt Sun did not persuade her.

I must be excited to finally come back after being lost for so many years!
And next to also heard the news, Sun Feng was always at the door, afraid to go which way to pick up the words and just missed his brother-in-law.
An Xiaoya and Sun Wei are very fast.
After all, Sun Wei’s health is much better than those of the old people, and he can still hold on.
Besides, the horse can go home and be excited, so how can he care about his health?
Sun Wei saw the man by the door in the distance.
Even though we haven’t seen each other for several years, how can he not recognize that he is his nephew when he grew up with each other?
Sun Wei walked quickly forward and Sun Feng also rushed directly to the front of Sun Wei.
There is no difference between the two ages. How many men hugged for a moment and said nothing? The two men carried each other to the yard.
Sun Wei knelt down toward Aunt Sun without saying anything!
"Niang! The unfilial son is back! "
Just now, I was able to hold on to Aunt Sun and burst into tears!
Chapter 269 Go against gain dice
An Xiaoya and Ann’s mother retired sadly, and by the way, they took the bamboo slips gate to leave this family to have a good chat.
After leaving, An Xiaoya chatted with Ann’s mother.
"How is Aunt Ma Sun’s craft?"
Ann’s mother immediately came to the matter and her eyes lit up. "Sun Dajie’s craft didn’t say that! I used to have a stitch that I never knew how to make Sister Sun solve it for me! "
An Xiaoya was relieved to hear her mother say so.
Did you find a partner for your own mother in the game?
"That’s good."
"Well, I’ll come and do things with Sister Sun when I’m free. Maybe I can say that Sister Sun has come to help you?"
Another difference between the mercenary group and the guild is that the mercenary group can recruit aborigines
That is to say, if Aunt Sun wants to, she can also become a member of the whirlwind tour.
Of course, generally speaking, An Xiaoya will not easily recruit people.
But if a league member thinks she can recruit, she’s also a no-nonsense.
She nodded. "Of course there is no problem if Aunt Sun wants to."
A senior embroidered mother with good craftsmanship naturally has no opinion.
Ann mother nodded.
"By the way, haven’t you just finished? Go and hand it in, mom. You’re not here! "
Ann’s moth came here to live a full life.
Even in reality, she takes care of her family and herself
She never needs someone to accompany her all the time.
An Xiaoya nodded. "Then I’ll go to Mom and you’ll be busy!"
Ann’s mother said goodbye to her daughter and left.
AnXiaoYa directly to the direction of the career hall.
Intermediate professional advanced second round, she has already finished it.
Then I don’t know what the reward will be and what will come next.
An Xiaoya went to the career hall and naturally many people saw it.
Forum is a lively.
It seems that the goddess has completed a new round?
Just don’t know what it is!
Because the post-base is random, everyone is different. An Xiaoya has not released any "Raiders" or anything else.
Everyone can guess An Xiaoya by brain holes.
AnXiaoYa in everyone eager eyes crowded on the second floor.
Master Intermediate teacher occupation Office
"Knock, knock, knock"