As soon as my words came out, the announcement rang again. "The player will be able to leave the cave in three days after the time limit is completed. Will Cangshui accept it?"

Shit, it’s done, but get out. What about it? Is it just not allowed to go out?
Damn it, then why ask? Is there any choice but to accept old age?
34 cave (2)
Blessed land? That’s a nice name, but what’s here and how can I get out?
"How can I get out?"
As soon as my words came out, the announcement rang again. "The player will be able to leave the cave in three days after the time limit is completed. Will Cangshui accept it?"
Shit, it’s done, but get out. What about it? Is it just not allowed to go out?
Damn it, then why ask? Is there any choice but to accept old age?
"If I don’t accept it and finish it, we can’t get out?" I asked the little bastard in front of me in dismay, thinking that it was not this guy who colluded with the system to cheat me into this, grandma.
"It seems that we can’t let us go out when we are finished. The implication is that if we don’t accept and complete what’s the name, we can stay here honestly."
Little bastard is honest at this time, grandma, but I want to hear him say that I can go out at this time, even if I know that he is lying to me.
Shit, this asshole
So the little bastard succeeded in raising his image from egg to ball in my heart.
In that case, what can I say? I’ve accepted the so-called cave-blessed grandma. If I meet that damn programmer one day, I must let him taste the feeling of being locked up, too.
The unified lewdness indicator sounded again, "The player Cang Shui has accepted the cave’s land voluntarily. Please check the log for details."
"I depend on great injustice. What do you mean, I took the initiative to accept it? Ya forced me to accept it." I yelled angrily.
"Who forced you? Tong didn’t say anything that forced you, and I didn’t. You were always talking. You made a choice, didn’t you?
The little bastard sneered. After listening to his words, I was even more speechless. Grandma, this is probably the most painful thing in the world. You just can’t find any evidence when others force you to do something. The more painful thing is that people didn’t say anything from the beginning to the end, that is, you wanted to say it there alone, and finally you didn’t dare to fart.
Oh, forget it. We are indomitable men. Now that we have spoken, we have to count. Can I not count unless I don’t want to go out?
In fact, on second thought, it’s also a good choice to stay here for a few days, so that those guys want to kill me with a permanent wanted, and the plot will not fall?
Right, let’s get out of here for a few days. If I can’t finish it, it’s a big deal to commit suicide and go back. I have to go back to the mountain city to revive myself when I die. Haha
I was proud of my own wisdom and couldn’t help laughing.
The little bastard watched me from the sidelines and laughed at me for a while, which made me crazy. However, this heartless guy just stood aside and looked on coldly as if he could never get out, which was a great good thing for him.
I’ll wait until I get a chance to blackmail the old man. Once he extorts all his surplus labor, I’ll put him in the leveling point and let him upgrade his experience.
I sneer at a few resentment and dissatisfaction, and finally my feelings have been calmed down.
I’m completely cold in my heart after logging. Where is this so-called paradise? It’s a hell of a person. There are monsters everywhere, not to mention the worst monster. It’s even more unfortunate that this 9-level old BOSS is my ultimate point this time.
When I turn the page again, I feel even more depressed and have no words to express. Just now, the last hope of the old man was shattered before the last retreat could be said, completely shattered.
Players will be resurrected at the valley resurrection point before they are finished. What’s even scarier is that the resurrection point is surrounded by monsters. Although they can’t enter the resurrection point, it’s not much easier to kill the resurrection point than to finish it once I die.
I’m such a pervert, you know, it’s only level 7 now, and I’m still a third-class disabled person without fighting spirit. How long will it take me to finish this situation
I continued to look back, and my heart turned from cold to ice, completely frozen.
Players have no way to leave the valley for one year before completion.
Shit, if anyone stays in this valley for a year, it’s better to simply build a new number. Although I was reluctant to pay for the game helmet before, although this is the cheapest helmet, it’s different now. At least we are rich. Isn’t it easy to get a small helmet?
Thought of here, I sat down on the ground and fell into deep thinking. Should I continue to suffer here or just make a clean break?
I keep asking myself in my heart that if I do it again, everything in the game will be nothing more important, but if I build it in my name, everything in the business, including money, will be gone
Where the fuck am I playing a game? It’s just this stupid game playing me.
I sat there depressed and didn’t say anything. The little bastard came over and smiled at me like I didn’t have a soul. "What’s your problem again?" Isn’t it difficult to finish? Don’t worry, it’s hard to finish if you are old, and I’ll let him follow suit. "
I gave my grandma a grumpy look. If she keeps giving up this account, she doesn’t even know if she’s still here. Grandma keeps calling herself the boss in front of the old man. Aren’t you dying?
I grumpily told ya something and revealed a little of my own thoughts.
The little bastard turned white with fear when he heard this. "Boss, we are friends for life and death. You can’t be so heartless. If you give up this account, I won’t be here. Grandma, you have to think about it. It’s not easy to say that I can’t find a second pet in such a clever game. If you don’t, you will lose it forever."
I’d say I have to find some good reasons. What kind of reasons is this?
I remember that I had a bit of hardship since I entered the game, and then I tried to lead everyone to innovate again and again, but I failed. Now I finally got a little better, but I was so devastated.
Shit, who have I offended? This is simply my most depressing place. Grandma herself has been hurt so badly, but even if she doesn’t know who the final enemy is, she will die unsatisfied.
I have to do something. If I give up like this, I don’t think I will forgive myself. Besides, even if I give up, I can’t finish this. I have to try hard. Although I know that level 7 players go to level 7 monster 1K6 to kill level 9 BOSS, it’s almost daydreaming, but even if I dream of this dream, I haven’t woken up yet. If the emperor doesn’t suddenly show his mind and say that Cang Shui is a waste of energy, I still have to try.