Get the pear smoothly. Jusheng holds the pear in the palm of his right hand and bends down with a folding fan in his left hand to Zhang Ping. "I’ll see you soon after the purple blood Taoist shames us."

However, when he looked up, he saw a strange smile hanging from Zhang Ping’s mouth, and then Luo Jusheng’s right-hand pear suddenly exploded with a sharp knife, and the center of the pear cried out in all directions to be continued.
Chapter two hundred The first female brother
Luo Jusheng didn’t expect that Zhang Ping could hide the gas strength in Li Zhong, but he didn’t send it. When Luo Jusheng removed the package and was angry near the pear, it suddenly broke out. Therefore, when the reaction was not stopped, he ate a big loss.
However, this Luo Ju was born with martial arts and strain, so although he was careless, he was injured in his right hand.
Just as Zhang Ping was preparing to take advantage of the situation, but not far away, there was a sudden burst of huqin sound, which revealed strangeness as tragic as Jin Ge’s iron horse and bitterness as huqin in the rainy night.
Zhang Ping suddenly smiled and said, "Good Kung Fu, let’s meet again another day."
Listen to what Zhang Ping said. Everyone in the East Factory cried like an amnesty, but even though these people breathed a sigh of relief greatly in their hearts, they still secretly formed an orderly and slowly left.
Watching Zhang Ping, a middleman in the East Factory, slowly recede, suddenly glanced at the second-floor window of a small building in the oblique rear, and then murmured, "This is really a storm coming. It seems that many friends can’t wait to meet me."
Then Zhang Ping swept along the direction of right and wrong and disappeared. Obviously, he went to find right and wrong.
At this time, Cheng Feizheng and Timimi Chen were sitting in a fairly clean snack bar, eating breakfast and facing a table of snacks. Cheng Feizheng wolfed down their food.
Timimi Chen, on the other hand, was holding his head in one hand, and with a strong attitude, he couldn’t help asking, "When will Master’s old man accept me?"
Cheng Fei sent a pancake with shredded pork into his mouth at this time, but he still licked his finger and then casually said, "Didn’t I tell you?" When I’m full, I’ll go with you to find Master, and maybe we’ll wait here for Master’s old man to come by himself soon. "
As soon as Cheng Fei’s voice fell, Zhang Ping suddenly came in. Cheng Fei’s eyes were sharp, and Zhang Ping quickly got up and waved and said, "Master, here is Master."
Later, Zhang Ping, who knew right and wrong, came over and quickly pulled out the stool due north and wiped his sleeve on his face. Then he smiled and said to Zhang Ping, "Master, please take a seat."
Zhang Ping looked at Cheng Ziwei and nodded. After sitting down, he said to Cheng Ziwei, "Teacher Ziwei hastily collected you and didn’t come to teach you anything, but now the teacher needs to close a kung fu practice quickly, so I wonder if you would like to close it with the teacher?"
Cheng Fei-fei suddenly asked sheepishly, "Master, is it hard to close this door?"
Zhang Ping nodded and said, "It’s a bit hard to say, but martial arts practitioners should be careful of the dove beside them in order to triumph. When they close naturally, they should avoid all foreign objects."
Cheng Fei scratched the back of his head and squeezed his cheeks into a ball and said, "Well, do I have to go?"
At this time, Zhang Ping nodded and said, "Yes". Later, Zhang Ping took out a dress from his arms and taught Cheng Fei, saying, "It’s not a martial art secret book, but my understanding of martial arts and a mixed skill. After you learn it, you can naturally master your body and skills. Then I will teach you my unique skills."
Cheng Fei-fei was a heartless man at this time. He took Zhang Ping’s hand and said with a sad face, "Master, this is not a peerless feat. What have I learned?" Besides, how can I understand your apprentice if I don’t know how to type? "
Zhang Ping then smiled and looked at Timimi Chen and said, "You can ask Timimi Chen to teach you that I will accept her as a registered brother today."
Later, Zhang Ping took out a first-line outfit and handed it to Timimi Chen: "You should practice this Huashan Jade Maiden Sword 19-style frequently, and your fighting power will be greatly increased. However, a single force of martial arts is the root. You should also practice hard once. I will give you some martial arts depending on your martial arts progress."
Timimi Chen Rubao took the thread from Zhang Ping’s hand and said to Zhang Ping with a smile, "Thank you, Master."
Zhang Ping then got up and said, "Don’t worry. Both Hou and Cao Zhengchun have great scruples about me. They dare not do anything to you. However, I have a lot of enemies with Dapai. You should be careful when you meet them. If you can’t solve things by yourself, you can go to Tianyi Village to find me."
Later, Zhang Ping didn’t wait for the two to stay, and then he flicker and disappear again.
There are more than 100 strange people in Tiandizhuang because of the support of the richest man in this day. These strange people can enjoy everything in all the businesses of Tiandizhuang if they pass the certification.
Now a stranger comes outside the first village every day.
Zhang Ping looked at this magnificent gate at the gate of the first village in the day, and the golden light of the first village in the day flashed. The five large-character plaques of the first village in the day could not help but sigh that 3000 was really good.
As Zhang Ping walked into the No.1 Village of Heaven on his own, he walked into a young man with red lips, white teeth and a jade crown. Suddenly, he showed his flying skill and swept to Zhang Ping. Then Zhang Ping saw him throwing his fist at himself and then said, "This Taoist priest is not released to the outside world, so please go back."
Zhang Ping looked at each other for a while and then replied, "I heard that this place is also the industrial place of 33,000 leading officials, so I just came here to have an autumn wind. Please ask the pavilion to take a message to 33,000 leading officials and tell them that it will take some time for Zhang Ping, an old friend of mine, to visit again."
The man listened to Zhang Ping’s words and felt alert all over his body. He couldn’t help holding down two hidden weapons tips on his waist with his hands. Then he drank hard and asked, "Purple Blood Demon Road, what is your purpose in coming to the First Village of Heaven?"
Zhang Ping looked at each other’s facial expression and posture and associated with each other’s flying skill and hidden weapons Kung Fu at this time. He suddenly laughed and then said, "Who am I? I turned out to be the No.1 official of the Dragon Villa. I lost face to face, but I think it is absolutely impossible for him to let the official and the official let him go when he is in trouble."
I heard what Zhang Ping said, officer Haitang, although his eyes were angry and he couldn’t wait for Zhang Ping to burn coke, but he finally gave way to Nai Zhang Ping.
Seeing this, Zhang Ping smiled at Guan Haitang and strode to the first village in the day to be continued.
Chapter two hundred and one The first village in the day
Before crossing the main hall, a fairly broad Zhang Ping walked into the first hall on this day. I have to say that the decoration here is very thoughtful, and all kinds of decorations in the hall are simple and elegant.
Come back with Zhang Ping. Although Guan Haitang has great complaints about Zhang Ping, he still clapped his hands and called Zhang Ping for a cup of tea after Zhang Ping entered the hall.
Zhang Ping took a sip of the tea after confirming that there was nothing wrong with it, and then said to Guan Haitang, "Does Guan Zhuangzhu know that 33,000 officials are here now?"