Zhang Ping then threw the hip flask at Li Xunhuan and said, "Brother Li treats you as a friend because I admire you. Maybe one day you and I will meet each other and take care of each other!"

When Zhang Ping walked past the cat, the cat’s hand suddenly stopped shaking. However, Zhang Ping didn’t look at him in his eyes. Zhang Ping was not afraid that he would sneak attack, or he was sure that he had dared not sneak attack Zhang Ping.
As Zhang Ping’s figure drifted away, the ash in the old man’s cigarette pot was knocked to the ground by him and he exhaled a long breath. He said slowly, "This behavior is different from the maverick of good and evil, but the martial arts are inscrutable. No one knows his origin and he is mysterious and unusual! This time, he has made great progress in martial arts and returned to the Jianghu. He is afraid that people can control him again, and the Jianghu will be troubled again. "
However, looking at the cat that the old man fell on his body, Li Xunhuan raised his hand and raised his glass. That’s all. To be continued.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-one Appreciate Li Tanhua a slap.
The night fog is sad, the leaves are withered, the lotus pond is full of dead leaves, the path is barren, the grass has no path, the courtyard used to be red and green, and the plum blossom is cold, but now it is full of ghosts.
At the end of the small bridge, there is the Sanwu Jingshe, where Leng Xiang Xiaozhu lived. There was the first famous chivalrous man in the Wulin and the first spiritual person in the Jianghu. At this time, plum blossoms were already intoxicating.
But now there are cobwebs in the corner and dust on the windowsill, which has long since disappeared. Even the old plum trees have withered.
Li Xunhuan finally came back here again at this time. When his hair was unkempt and his clothes were disheveled, he looked so decadent and haggard, but his spirits still looked so natural and unrestrained, and his eyes shone like a cold star on an autumn night.
He walked across the bridge and saw the withered plum tree. He couldn’t help sighing deeply. Plum was his former good companion, but today he is as haggard as people, and then others suddenly fly like a swallow!
There are hundreds of cracks in the window lattice of the small building. Looking through this crack, you can see that the lonely person is facing the lonely lamp and sewing clothes. Her pale face and beautiful eyes have also promoted the past glory. She has no expression and seems so cold. It seems that she has forgotten people’s happiness and forgotten the world of mortals’ sorrow.
She is sitting there sewing needle by needle, letting her youth slip away at the tip of the needle. The holes in her clothes can be mended, but no one can mend the trauma of her heart.
Sitting opposite her is a 13-year-old boy. He is very handsome, and his flexible eyes make him look smarter. He is so pale that people forget that he is still a child. He is hanging his head and practicing calligraphy in strokes. Although he is young, he has learned to endure loneliness. The broken man crouches out of the window and looks at them quietly. Tears have already appeared in his eyes.
Just then, a purple figure suddenly came out of Li Xunhuan from the dense fog, and suddenly turned around and said, "What are you doing here, Zhang Daochang?"
Zhang Ping said slowly at this time: "Do you know that Long Xiaoyun has come back?"
Listen to what Zhang Ping said. Li Xunhuan’s face suddenly became strange and complicated. This is an indescribable expression. Contradictory and weird. As Li Xunhuan coughed, it gradually became calm and the night died, which was broken.
A trembling hand slowly pushed the window and said, "Who?"
Li Xunhuan’s face became more and more painful when he heard this. Zhang Ping pulled up Li Xunhuan and disappeared into the vast night.
"I know you’re here. Since you’re here, won’t you come out and meet me?"
No one responded. Zhang Ping, who was already far away, said to Li Xunhuan, "Long Xiaoyun is far from loving her, otherwise he should never have taken the opportunity to escape and left Lin Shiyin here alone."
Zhang Ping accompanied Li Xunhuan slowly from the backyard to the front yard. The front yard seems to be more desolate and broken than the back yard. The doors and windows of the porter’s cabin near the gate are barely complete. No one can imagine that this splendid mansion has become like this in less than two years.
Door left unlocked, cheap, bad alcohol, dirty and messy room, an alcoholic lying on the table
Zhang Ping said to Li Xunhuan, "Maybe you should ask what kind of life Long Xiaoyun has lived in the past two years after she abandoned Lin Shiyin."
Li Xunhuan hesitated for a long time and finally went in alone to wake up the drunkard.
The drunkard was awakened by someone, and naturally the boss didn’t want to, so he frowned and said, "Who are you? How did you get here? How did you come? "
His voice is getting louder and louder, and it seems that he has regained the style of a big housekeeper. Li Xunhuan smiled and said, "We met two years ago. Don’t you recognize me?"
Ma looked intently at his eyes and immediately changed color. When Huo Ran got up, he threw himself at the ground with surprise. "It turned out to be Li …"
Li Xunhuan waited for him to worship and hold him. Before he could finish, he covered his mouth. He smiled and said slowly, "I wish you knew me. Let’s sit down and talk."
Hemp quickly moved the stool and compensated with a smile. "How can a villain not recognize the big ye?" The second villain has eyes, not this time, but … You have really aged a lot in the past two years. "
Li Xunhuan also seems to sigh, "You are old, everyone is old. Have you had a good day in the past two years?" Ma shook his head and sighed, "I may brag in front of others, but in front of you …"
He sighed again and connected with a wry smile, "To tell you the truth, even I don’t know how to get along these two years. Today, I sell calligraphy and painting and chairs to live …"
Li Xunhuan frowned. "Can’t we even get through R Day at home?"
Hemp bowed his head and rubbed his eyes.
Li Xunhuan added, "Dragon … Didn’t Grandpa Four leave home?"
Hemp shook his head and his eyes were red. Li Xunhuan looked even paler at this time and could not help coughing.
Ma said, "Madam still has some jewelry herself, but she is so kind-hearted that she has given it to people and told them to sell it and do some small business to make a living. She … she would rather suffer herself than mistreat others."
Speaking of which, his language has choked me.
Just then, the hemp voice seemed to be gripped by something. Generally, a pair of eyes were wide, and the boss kept shivering.
Li Xunhuan followed his eyes and saw that Zhang Ping came in slowly from the outside.
"You should know by now that Long Xiaoyun is by no means a good husband, just like when you knew that Long Xiaoyun was cheating you, but you still pretended not to know that you wanted to marry the love of your life to him. I really don’t know how you can continue to watch your favorite woman suffer now?"
"Pa" a Cui ring Zhang Ping’s right hand and Li Xunhuan’s left face proved a slap, which is also very loud.
Li Xunhuan didn’t hide from Zhang Ping, which brought several deaths. No one dared to bear it, but Li Xunhuan seemed to be unconscious at this time. It seems that this slap should be like this.
Zhang Ping then said, "If you still love her, you shouldn’t be carving her wood every day for more than ten years, but you should go up to her and tell her that you love her."
Li Xunhuan murmured at this time: "I said I loved her, and I did everything to make her better. Now I find out that I hurt her, and now I have no right to say I love her?"
Zhang Ping shook his head at this time and continued: "Maybe now you should think about whether you want to go on like this." Zhang Ping’s figure slowly retreated and disappeared into the vast night.
As soon as Zhang Ping left, Li Xunhuan’s look faded again. "Sion, Sion, you suffered so much because I hurt you. I will protect you and never let anyone hurt you!"
After drinking for more than ten years, Li Xunhuan suddenly didn’t want to drink at this time. At this time, he suddenly missed the smell of tea. The bitterness was surrounded by sweetness and fragrant smell, which reminded him of that lovely girl when he was a child. He cooked green tea.
Zhang Ping once again returned to the small building just before he came to the small building, which coincided with Long Xiaoyun’s smiling and walking to the door. Long Xiaoyun’s smiling face immediately disappeared, revealing a bitter color in his eyes. "Zhang Ping, Li Xunhuan, others are afraid of you, and I am not afraid of you. One day I want you to die in my hands."