What they want to kill is, in the final analysis, the so-called grand duke met with a sigh of relief.

But if you lose your life in one breath, it’s not worth it
With this idea, Yue Dui didn’t intend to confront Pang Xia when he came to Blackwood Cliff.
However, he didn’t want to fight with Pang Xia, but Hechuan Taiyi around him had a desire to fight with Pang Xia after seeing Pang Xia slay God Crazy III with one knife.
Therefore, they leaked the breath when they were in Hechuan Taiyi, and Pang Xia also found them.
Even if the situation is just like that, I have no intention of fighting Pang Xia alone.
The big deal is to show weakness a little-anyway, the beauty scene has already gone in, so-called can’t stop Pang Xia.
However, when Pang Xia took the moon alone, he finally couldn’t help but raise his murder.
At this time, he wanted to make a move, but he was suddenly stopped by Hechuan Taiyi.
"I’ll deal with the fat shrimp mulberry alone. Please help me sweep the array!"
Although it was polite, there was no doubt in the words that it was overbearing, but it was completely given to the moon to drink alone.
It is natural to be alone with Hechuan Taiyi for so long, and it is clear about Hechuan Taiyi’s character.
Therefore, when Hechuan Taiyi said this sentence, Yuedu immediately took a step back and made room for Hechuan Taiyi.
Seeing this Hechuan Taiyi satisfied with a slight nod and then turned to look at Pangxia.
"Fat shrimp sang-yi, I know you are coming from Goto Jun’s mouth, and I also exaggerate Goto Jun.
But when I saw you fighting God Crazy III just now, I immediately realized that you really have few opponents.
Today, I will formally challenge you to fight to the death! "
"It’s natural for you and me to fight to win and lose, but also to tell the difference between life and death."
With a slight nod, Hechuan Taiyi took off his clogs and put them aside.
Then put your hand on the waist and the handle of the Japanese knife slowly exudes silver-blue knife gas.
Huangying Juexue’s "Golden Sword Spirit" has four levels. This Hechuan Taiyi has obviously reached the third level of silver and blue sword spirit.
See this PangXia also don’t procrastinate own word sword box pulled out a splitting magic combating Dao right hand holding a knife hanging on the ground.
At this time, Hechuan Taiyi’s eyes suddenly stared at the whole humanization and the ghosting disappeared into the original place.
Then he instantly appeared in front of Pang Xia and lowered his body. His right hand suddenly drew a knife from the scabbard behind his waist.
A cross cut full of sharp knife gas was conveniently cut out by Hechuan Taiyi by taking out a knife and drawing it out.
At the same time, Pang Xia heard Hechuan Taiyi drink "cold eyebrows!"
The fifth style of Juexue’s Knife Technique "Seven Changes in unusual love" is full of the meaning of being cold and lonely.
Looking at his waist and abdomen coming sharp knife light PangXia whole figure suddenly trembled.
At this time, Hechuan Taiyi’s knife actually passed Pangxia without causing any damage.
In the original place, Pang Xia also made a brazen move after borrowing the dodge ability of "Lingbo Micro Step" to avoid this knife.
Holding a knife in both hands to split the magic combat knife, the transient blood red Juexue "Three-pole Knife" is the first type to cut people to display.
The bloody blade cuts towards Hechuan Taiyi. At this time, Hechuan Taiyi goes backwards.
At the same time, there are dozens of knives in the blink of an eye, and dozens of knives are coming out towards Pang Xia * * *.
These dozens of Dao qi contain all the seven-style knife methods in Seven Changes of unusual love.
In other words, Hechuan Taiyi’s knife method contains all the seven knife methods of Juexue’s Seven Changes in unusual love.
I have to say that in the knife method, the player’s qualification is top!
Moreover, the physique he acquired when he was promoted to birth must have something to do with the knife method.
If you face others, Hechuan Taiyi’s counterattack is bound to get very good results.
At this time, however, he is facing Pang Xia, a guy with abnormal constitution who owns the sword and war body.
A pervert who is no less adept at using saber than he has learned! ‘
Chapter 49 Enter the Shinto of the Sun and Moon
The pattern of splitting magic combat knives turns blood red again (
Huge murderous look released from PangXia body again.
A huge murderous vortex gradually formed around Pang Xia’s body and slowly spun up.
Then the murderous vortex shrinks and returns to split the magic combat knives, which makes the split magic combat knives finish painting black.
And more filar silk black cracks flow in the blade.
See PangXia hand chopping magic combating Dao changes Hechuan Taiyi immediately thought of the former PangXia instantly killed the god crazy Sanyi knife.
Therefore, he immediately held the blade in his hands, silver and blue, and poured it into his hands like a Japanese knife without money.
At the same time, Hechuan Taiyi holds the Japanese knife high in his hand and drinks slowly!
"Look at me from the emperor shadow master stunt-surprised! God! Shit! Day! "