Bones smell speech cold hum a say with smile "boastful seat will become a prosperous mainland creator who can enemy! Talking about education is an empty word! "

"Ha ha emperor don’t you argue that now I want to take the three of them away from you. If I obstruct you, I will definitely try my best to hit you hard. You’d better think it over before choosing whether to make a move!" God said coldly and took out a brush and waved it coldly.
A drop of ink fell on Xiao Fei’s eyebrows, and the pain in Xiao Fei’s lower abdomen was immediately eliminated.
Liang Ping still stood there staring at the English congregation indifferently.
Huang Shaoshou’s congregations are a little afraid of the present spirit of peace and affection.
Shenbi is a light drink, saying, "Come with me to fly to Yindu Moyu, and then we will take a long-term view."
Liang Pingyi and Liang Pingyi firmly refused to say, "blood out, we can’t just let the heroes go!"
"But the wrongdoer is in charge of this killing. One person is a white bone and the other is a member of the white bone Luo Shengmeng. If you want revenge, you should think about destroying Luo Shengmeng and eradicating the demon of white bone!" God blue in cold said
Liang Ping didn’t look back at Shen Bi, but he felt a sense of righteousness from him.
After a long silence, he suddenly waved his sword.
"shua shua!"
The sword curtain enveloped him all over, but it was a lightning bolt and went straight to Huang Shao.
On February 2 nd, Huang Shao should not have got the thunder fragments and the flame ghost domain, but in fact Huang Shao has got these two treasures.
Huang Shao secretly condensed the flame in the palm of his hand and looked forward to watching Liang Ping’s footsteps.
Liang Ping’s shadow shoes send out a very rhythmic sword on the ground to control the celestial pole ice and secretly induce the spiritual force in the pure single-attribute dish in my mind.
Seeing that it is 5 meters away from the British congregation, it suddenly releases the cold burial kung fu.
The hot weather suddenly turned cold, and several blue snowflakes fell from the sky
Even the surface water gives birth to little ice flowers.
"Kill me!"
Liang Ping locked the target, binged drinking, poured all the spiritual force blue snowflakes in the attribute dish, and suddenly shot at Huang Shao’s body in the direction of ten thousand blue ice swords.
Around Huang Shao, the British congregation was also surrounded by Wan Jian.
"What is this kung fu!"
The face of the English congregation was frightened.
Zhuang called beast first ten elite is hurriedly pushing to resist.
For a moment, thunder and lightning flashed, and the ancient warrior’s heavy knife sounded again.
But in a short moment, Liang Ping released the cold sky and buried them all.
Wan Jian penetrated the bodies of all the congregations of England, and the polar ice solidified in their bodies for five minutes and melted away.
Until Liang Ping took back the shadow sword and set his figure, it was extremely cold and issued a "bam!" A loud noise
All the heroes broke their bones as the polar ice broke.
Seeing this scene, Shen Bi sighed, "This is a must, but it’s just some small roles. Besides, killing some of them will make things more troublesome."
See the congregation die in front of your Liang Ping, love, Yu Xiaofei, Zong Ze four people have no pleasure in my heart.
However, I heard a cold hum from the bones, "Shen Bi, you call yourself a saint, but you also saved hundreds of thousands of lives in the Wolf clan guild and a life in Jiuyou. Sooner or later, they will all die in your hands. I don’t care about you today, but I wake up that the people in your four major guilds are still alive in Jiuyou Wangcheng. It’s all because you can kill their lives!"
"Hum, don’t talk nonsense again. If it weren’t for the emperor’s limited time, I would have to arrest you, the damn evil troublemaker, and make you taste the most cruel capital punishment!" Shen bi leng yi
Zong Ze also finally got up and gave a ritual at God Bi, saying, "Thank you for your help."
Bones didn’t say anything more, just like they disappeared.
Shen Bi glanced quickly at Zong Ze’s body and secretly frowned. He didn’t say much, but looked askance at Xiao Fei’s way. "Emperor Guan, your back Kuroha wings are made of a strange mecha, and although this mecha can make you gain flying ability in a short time, it will hinder your spiritual martial arts cultivation speed and make it difficult for you to break through the Wu Zu barrier."
Yu Xiaofei smell speech a face of eager also blunt god Brigitte devoting a ceremony and said, "Please also ask God Brigitte to give advice on how to unload Kuroha’s wings."
God smell speech shook his head and said, "please forgive the emperor for telling you that some things have to be experienced by yourself."
Look at the situation in a blink of an eye
As a face of loneliness, I looked at hundreds of thousands of bodies in Wolf Cave City, but there was not much emotional expression.
Shen Bi smiled at the feeling. "The world can understand that the extraordinary talents such as speeding regeneration produce bones, and that you are the first person in the world to have such extraordinary talents. If your body does not turn to ashes, even if there is a piece of meat left, you will have a chance to be reborn."
"Just like a thousand years ago, the white bones were hit hard by Shen Du, and the last piece of meat was found in this world!" Liang Ping suddenly came and interjected and said
God gave Liang Ping a faint smile. "Liang Ping, you’re right, but it’s not advisable to stay here long. We’d better leave for Moyu first."
No one made any objections.
Is small not show black feather wings when they Liang Ping, affection and Zong Ze support * * t release the true fire burned the whole Wolf den city.
The whole wolf den city was in flames.
All five of them flew to the silver empire in the middle of the prosperous mainland at a small flying rhythm of 2 mph.
All the way, Shen Bi’s expression is slightly dignified.
Liang Ping asked with a worried face, "Lord Shen Bi, we have made the dragon’s mind still unable to stop the bad luck of Jiuyou. So it is February 2 nd. Are you still in the midst of a prosperous online game system?"
Shenbi said, "On the surface, it has returned to the end of February from the end of May. Actually, there are many errors in this. The Shengshi online game system has been pulled away from the Shengshi mainland, but those Luo Shengmeng’s dead allies have been resurrected, just like I was already dead."
"So, will it happen again?" Liang Ping then asked.
Shen Bi nodded silently. "When the time goes backwards, the silver crisis will naturally repeat itself, but it turned out that the city was settled before the war in May. The balance rhythm of the world and everyone’s fate have been disrupted. I am afraid things will not happen normally as usual."
Hearing this, everyone’s eyes were fixed on the unexpected life.
Chapter 323 When disorder
Zong Ze natural don’t know the original incident is a face of surprise at all some unnatural stunned asked "what’s the matter, you all look at me to do"
"What do you mean is that the event will change greatly? Perhaps such a change will make people feel unpredictable," Shen Bi said out of turn.
I haven’t spoken for a long time, and suddenly I said with a dignified face, "I just saw that the congregation in Qunying has a different look. It seems that it is still the master of the flame ghost domain Wushu. Is his body still in the thunder attribute?"
God blue nodded and said yes.
Feeling more confused, I asked, "Why don’t you stop Liang Ping from making moves when you know this?"