At last, the crack was restored, and the purple sword gave off a strong glow to form a purple light column and went straight to the sky.

And there are still several purple streams in the purple light column, which keep jumping and have power for one time and two times.
The light beam and purple slowly dispersed, and the purple sword was inserted into the ground, emitting filar silk.
Pang Xia put the Qinglei dagger into the sword box with words and then pulled up the purple sword. Suddenly, the information surface of the purple sword played out in front of Pang Xia.
Purple Sword Martial Arts +3, the nine swords of the amethyst Sword God-level Sword God, has a bonus effect on magic people and magic messengers.
Spit out a sigh of relief Pang Xia looked at his companion and said, "Yes, it is really the sword of Nu Wa with nine swords and an Excalibur called Amethyst Sword. Let’s discuss who to give this sword to."
First of all, I don’t need it. I already have a Qinglei dagger and I don’t need this amethyst sword. "
"Me, too. I don’t need an amethyst sword when I have a Yan sword."
A few minutes later, Pang Xia looked at the amethyst sword with some nai. He never thought that no one wanted to make a pole-like artifact.
I read that he had a golden dragon and didn’t need other artifacts.
Xiaoqing said she didn’t need it because she couldn’t sword.
Only two will make the sword, and there will be a broken sword and a 9 Hao.
As a result, the broken sword said that he used the air sword, which was even worse. He practiced magic power and could not make it.
However, 9 Hao raised the golden snake sword in his hand for the same reason that a sword beats snow.
"So no one needs this sword? That’s really …"
"Ha ha ha ha, you don’t need this sword, so you might as well take advantage of me!"
With this sudden sound of madness, a man in a black robe rushed out of the forest with one-handed claws, and the magic was everywhere, pointing to Pang Xia with amethyst sword!
Pang Xia glanced at the man who rushed to see his purple eyes and immediately knew each other’s identity!
Magic people!
PangXia looked at each other to claw one hand and one palm with Yi Long Yin boom in the magic people’s hands!
The magic people youth didn’t respect Pang Xia’s palm, but when the two hands crossed, the magic people youth felt a huge force and the whole person retreated directly towards the rear.
Pang Xia glanced at the magic people who fell on the tree with a pair of purple eyes and flashing eyes. "Be careful, everyone, this guy is a magic people."
The magic people at the same level are stronger than us, and the magic power is extremely lethal. We must be careful! "
When the demon people heard Pang Xia’s words, they sneered and said proudly, "You are still knowledgeable and know that our demon people are powerful."
As soon as the magic people had finished speaking, they heard Pang Xia continue to say, "But this magic people are just born and arrogant. I don’t know that the so-called root is to deliver food."
If you are careful, you can beat him. You don’t even know his mother, but you don’t think he is difficult to deal with. "
A listen to these words, the magic people’s youth roared with great anger and said, "I’m a Yuan Magic Evil Emperor, and thirty-six earth magic stars will eagle magic one day."
You guys dare to despise me so much, and I will make you pay the due price.
! "
But see this skyhawk magic arms shake the whole person to release a large magic gas.
Then his hands claw towards PangXia again.
However, just as Skyhawk’s claws were about to hit Pang Xia, a golden winding sword was directly blocked in front of Skyhawk’s hands by piercing.
I heard that one day, with a bang, the eagle demon was shot out by 9 Hao bombs.
At the same time, 9 Hao stabbed several swords with one hand, but saw several golden lights stabbing at the Skyhawk magic one after another.
Skyhawk’s arms stretched out and a slight shock actually escaped the attack of 9 Hao by rising several meters like Skyhawk.
Then his hands repeatedly waved to 9 Hao and counted to claw, and fell to 9 Hao successively.
9 Hao holds the sword in both hands, and the whole person twists and turns like a snake.
Got up and 9 Hao turned purple with a wave of his hand. Suddenly, several purple gases crashed and hit a surge to the extreme palm force.
"Zi Xia siddhi" is a great achievement!