Can the left arm, one arm, one shock, seven fists, and one strength, regardless of Pang Xia’s attack, give up the defense and blow towards Pang Xia.

The power of a congenital master’s near-death attack is terrible.
Even if the power is reduced a lot for various reasons, it is enough to threaten Pang Xia.
Therefore, Pang Xia had to return to defend himself with a positive display to defend himself against this punch!
After all, the intersection of palm force and fist strength is better than fist strength
The aftermath of the defense collapse blasted into Pang Xia’s body, causing him to retreat after being injured by blood.
But after hitting a punch, the energy didn’t stop, and the blink of an eye turned white light and left a scroll on the ground.
Chapter DiYiSiQi Hawk MoGu!
Wipe the blood from the corners of your mouth, Pang Xia, and take some medicine and put it directly into your backpack.
Now Pang Xia’s "Seven Wounded Boxing" has accumulated all the other six styles except.
Ask him to kill Tang Wenliang again, then you should be able to get the seventh tactic.
Spit out a sigh of relief, Pang Xia floats up and looks for Tang Wenliang’s trace in the Kongtong School.
At this time, except for some np who didn’t eat, most np were recruited.
But at this time, there was a distance from Pang Xia, and the humble hut suddenly exploded.
Then an old man rushed out of it.
At the same time, there is an old man with white hair and beard beside him.
Pang Xia knows the old man with white hair and beard. He is Tang Wenliang, the highest martial artist among the five old men in Kongtong.
Pang Xia obviously didn’t eat those foods with laxatives.
Tong Yan Hefa’s elder rose to the sky. He looked at Pang Xia in a low voice and said, "In Mogu, the head of Kongtong School.
Brother Wudang came to me and sent poison to kill people to do this sinister thing! "
"Since you are the leader of the Kongtong school, it must be the reason why I did it.
Since you pretend not to know, even if I say the flowers, you will still put the big hat on my head.
I won’t talk nonsense. Kill me if something happens, so it doesn’t matter what I say when I die.
But if I live, then you can’t have an Ann’s birthday! "
Mogu’s eyes narrowed and his eyes were full of danger.
But he slowly raised his arm and his fingers were crystal clear, like white jade. With the palm of his hand, he slowly clenched his fist and shook seven times.
At this time, the vibration was stagnant, and Mogu’s hand was filled with a black fog.
"Pick me up" Ancient Seven Wounded Boxing "
! "
As Mogu punched his fist, the black fog and boxing strength instantly spread, and a mass of black fog swept towards Pang Xia.
Looking at those black fog Pang Xia’s heart, the warning signs are great.
He knew that if he was hit by those black fog, he would probably be lucky.
This level of martial arts is close to Taoism. Obviously, Mogu, the head of the Kongtong Sect, is a master!
Feet step on the ground continuously, and the whole person is like a left arrow, which darts out directly from the original place.
However, those black fogs seem to be slow, but they are actually too big to seem slow.
Actually, those black fog fists are faster than the speed
"Ah, the calculation is insufficient.
If I had known, I would have waited for the second style of "Heavenly Sword" or come back when the cooling time came.
Now this situation is also a bit difficult to ride a tiger. "
While thinking about Pang Xia, he got into the front hall of Kongtong School.
At this time, there are many kongdong players talking about something in the front hall.
When they saw Pang Xia, they were slightly stunned. Some people wondered how a wu-tang clan rushed out of the Kongtong School.
However, before they think about it, these players are swallowed up by the black fog chasing Pang Xia and the white light dissipates.
"You’re going to kill your own brother. You’re crazy!"
"Hum! How can some humans count as my brother! "
When I heard this, Pang Xia’s eyes were wide open and shocked