Although Lei Dongduo didn’t name it, all the people present were experts, and it was clear who he said it was. Moreover, from what he said just now, it was obvious that he appreciated Serbia more than Raul.

Bosco laughed, but he was no different from his own son when he saw him from a little boy. He was still very proud when he heard Lei Dongduo’s admiration for Plug, even if he gave everyone a bowl of water again.
Sanchis Jr. and Yero also often come to the youth training camp. Naturally, they are familiar with the lively bear boy, at least much more familiar than Raul, a good boy who has just arrived. Obviously, they are also very happy to hear Lei Dongduo’s appreciation of Cesar. In their opinion, Cesar will definitely be promoted to the first team to fight alongside them in a few years. That’s their purest white blood!
Seeing that everyone present praised Cesc and was biased against Cesc, Torres was not happy. "Cesc’s positioning has never been found correctly, which is very bad for his development. Besides, there are too many things that distract him off the court, and Raul is not focused."
"It’s nothing if it’s a generalist. Hernando does well. I think Serbia can consider learning from Hernando. Oh, by the way, I mean both Hernando can do it." Sanchis didn’t care much about playing in the youth training period. Some people will be played as strikers by goalkeepers, but when they have strikers, they will go to be goalkeepers. During the youth training period, it is only necessary to cultivate their tactical literacy and awareness and lay a good foundation.
Yero also nodded and agreed with the captain that he is a versatile player, and all positions on the court can be easily reached.
I didn’t expect Lei Dongduo to express the same view. "I can teach him my experience in the lower back position if he wants."
Sanchis smiled with satisfaction, and Lei Dongduo’s performance was unexpected, which made him satisfied. I didn’t expect Lei Dongduo’s willingness to actively integrate into Real Madrid to be so strong, even if he was just saying it.
Of course, later, Lei Dongduo often went to the youth training camp and was willing to take Cesc Sanchis with him during his own training after he was promoted to the first team. I knew that he really didn’t talk casually. He was really serious.
"By the way, Vincent, is there anything interesting in Rafah recently?" Sanchis Jr. chatted with Bosco again.
Bosque thought carefully and then laughed. "If our junior team scored seven goals in a game and our starting goalkeeper scored six goals alone, it’s a promise."
"The child didn’t cry, did he?" Yero asked in his heart that in such a game, the hearts of adult goalkeepers will fluctuate greatly, and what’s worse, a young goalkeeper of about ten years old in a junior team.
Bosque shook his head. "I didn’t hear that he appeared at the training ground the next day."
"Then I must go and see him." Little Sanchis immediately decided to express his condolences to a little goalkeeper who must have been seriously traumatized.
"I’ll go with you." Yero also plans to see him.
The two of them looked at Lei Dongduo, Lei Dongduo, but didn’t intend to go. "I have something to do later, and I will leave after watching the youth team training for a while." Lei Dongduo probably guessed who the poor guy was who was scored six goals in a poor game. Otherwise, if he was discouraged, how could there be a goalkeeper? You know, this is a ball, and in the future, he will have to pit his defense team every day.
The arrival of three players from the first team also attracted the attention of the players who were playing on the court. Two of them often came to captain, and they were naturally familiar with them. They were even more curious because they had just moved to Lei Dongduo, so the teenagers exchanged views with each other through moving kung fu.
Different from other teammates’ curiosity, it is Lei Dongduo who disdains to leave the pie mouth! I won them at the Bernabeu again, and Real Madrid moved here this time. It seems that one time I worked so hard to attract Real Madrid’s attention, and it seems that his strategy is very successful!
At the thought that my sister seems to be obsessed with Lei Dongduo, I put Lei Dongduo on the list of people he hates. By the way, the number one nuisance at present is Raul.
☆ Chapter 27
I don’t know that Lei Dongduo has enough hatred in Senna. Guti is engaged in intense work. According to other work arrangements, he has almost no time to fly back to Spain this year, let alone watch the last game of Real Madrid’s season.
Fortunately, Cesar has been called up by the junior national team, and he is not yet 17 years old. He will participate in the world junior tournament held in Japan, and he will also have no chance to see the last game of Real Madrid. Of course, he will not see someone shine in this game and become fascinated to death, which makes Guti breathe a sigh of relief.
Because I used to make up my sister’s mind and liked Lei Dongduo very much, I didn’t let my sister know that Lei Dongduo had moved to Real Madrid. It was a word for this person, which also led to the first-hand information that I missed a lot of information when Guti didn’t have it. I don’t know that Lei Dongduo has put on a real Madrid white jersey.
Fortunately, Guti didn’t have time to fly back to Madrid to watch the game in the second half of the season. Otherwise, when he saw that Lei Dongduo was wearing a Real Madrid shirt, he would be scared to fall from the stands and make a frenzy. Female fans jumped from the stands because of idolize’s enthusiasm.
It is precisely because he is not worried that Serbia will be attracted by Lei Dongduo’s performance that Guti can finally focus more on his career and his future plans to make money.
Eye "Pretty Woman in Green" has been filmed, and the rest is the post-production of Guti. Most of the division of labor has been completed. All he needs to do in the future is to follow the crew to cooperate with the announcement when the film is shown.
So Castro got a job, a co-produced video drama between America and Spain.
"You mean this is an American-Spanish co-production TV drama, which tells a story about the heroic American people’s resistance to the Spanish colonists in the American colonies?" Goody blinked. What? Did he understand? It feels so complicated.
As soon as Castro nodded seriously, "you will know the name of the drama as soon as I say it."
Guti looked at him with a face full of interest.
"Zorro said" Castro finally announced the answer.
"What?" Guti was probably a western, but it turned out to be the famous Zorro. He lamented Zorro in his heart, which means fox in Spanish. This role is very suitable for Raul. "You want me to play Zorro?" He stared at Castro with his eyes wide open. Every man has a heroic dream in his heart. Zorro is also a hero. Although this guy can play handsome with his face covered all day, it is much better than wearing pants on his head or carrying a tortoise shell.
It’s Castro’s turn to stare at him. "Dear Fina, you are a girl! Girl! Are you addicted to drugs in Pretty Woman in Green? Although that michael bay said that you are very good at controlling the inner performance of that kind of cross-dressing character, you are a girl. If your mother knows that I have got you one fake little role after another, she will definitely kill me! "
Maria, a good mother, is a big shot in Castro’s eyes. He still remembers the first time he met the Gutierrez couple. As soon as they met, they regarded him as an uncle who kidnapped the baby monster. Then even though he explained it for a long time, she looked at you with a deceptive expression and stared at him for more than an hour.
Guti was embarrassed and scratched his head. Although he decided to accept the reality and recognize his gender in this life, he occasionally forgot, "What role did you give me?" Don’t tell me why the Spanish governor can rob my daughter? " He looked at Castro with threats in his eyes, which means that if you take this role for me, you will die.
"Listen, Fina, you’ve already played the leading role in the Disney movie. You have to recognize your position. I won’t give you that kind of small role casually." It was because Guti was young and didn’t have a suitable role that Castro occasionally gave him a few small roles to practice, and he thought that Guti was old enough to appropriately broaden his career.
Castro is very proud. "Of course, you still have to audition first, but I think there is great hope. First of all, you are Spanish, and your age and personality are very similar to the heroine. Of course, I think you should learn some fencing to make your audition more successful."
"Tell me about the plot." Guti believes in Castro’s vision in choosing films and finding roles. He simply didn’t take the drama handed over by the other party, but listened to what he said first.
Teenage Diego was born in California, which was still colonized by Spain. His father is a Becca family, and his father is a rich girl in a farmer’s family. Lolita is a very lively girl with a sense of justice and a little boyish. Tiago was sent to Spain by his father to study, and when he came back, he became a timid and spineless girl, which made Lolita disappointed. She often had various reasons to repair the hazy love bud that Tiago cultivated before studying abroad, and it was also in jeopardy. At the same time, a masked ranger named Zorro appeared in the local area, who fought against the sinister and evil Spanish governor and had some childhood feelings with Diego. Lolita was attracted by Zorro …
Guti was a little embarrassed when he heard it. It turns out that this can be summarized as two or three things about the young Zorro and his childhood. Fortunately, he is not the kind of weak and slow-witted person who is going to play this childhood. Lolita is a lively girl who has long blond hair but occasionally dances swords. It is said that there will often be horse riding and vault in the play.
"It sounds ok." Guti felt that at least it was not as bloody as his first heroine.
"Of course, I carefully selected Zorro, which is why Disney will make Zorro younger and put the story in the juvenile stage." Castro was very proud.
Castro thinks it’s very white. Generally speaking, if an actor takes a movie in Hollywood, he will not choose to take a TV play. Often, TV actors will not mix up with the drama circle after they get the chance to take a movie. Those actors who specialize in TV plays always give people a very low feeling.
However, Castro intends to do the opposite. After all, Guti came to the United States from Spain. Even if he had a good chance to take a Disney film as soon as he got there, he was still a newcomer to the American audience. He just needed to be famous for both the film and the TV play. At one time, Castro was ready to take a TV play for Guti first and then turn to the big screen step by step. Who thought that he just touched Disney’s World Cup in the United States, but filming turned out to be the opposite.
Fortunately, Zorro’s story is almost a home story. After every film and TV play before Yu Xiao came out, many people said that there was nothing new, but they would still go to see such a very eye-catching TV play. Obviously, the heroine Guti will gather in popularity soon, and it is estimated that no one will say that Guti is unable to get along with the film industry before coming to shoot a TV play.
At the same time, Castro’s ambition is not small. He doesn’t want to make Guti famous in the United States. He thinks Guti has the potential to become a world-class superstar and a multi-faceted superstar. Although it is said that he is famous in Hollywood, it is not enough. The film Zorro is co-produced by the United States and Spain, and will be shown in both countries. The Spanish actor Guti will definitely become popular in Spain and then become an instant hit in Europe. By then, he will be in contact with the media. A story about a little Spanish girl born and raised in Spain who struggled alone in Hollywood will surely have a good reputation in Europe.
A TV play "The Beauty in Green" which will be screened in the World Cup of the United States, plus a classic story adaptation "The Story of Zorro", Castro thinks that this will gather the popularity of Guti in a short time, but it is not enough. According to his idea, he will also take several art films for Guti. After the commercial industry has gained popularity or economic benefits, the art film will continue to win awards and establish his position in the entertainment circle. Castro feels that he is absolutely sure to bring out a future superstar who will be popular all over the world.
"By the way, according to the plot, Lolita is a long-haired girl. Now that you’re finished filming, you can grow your hair long, but I estimate that the growth rate of your hair may be a few days before you shoot it."
Guti has long hair when he has long hair. It’s not like he has left that group of Argentine men. Don’t they all like to drag their long ponytails around the stadium? From a distance, they all have long hair fluttering, but if you look closer, you will have buck teeth and short wax gourd. Well, handsome guys still have Lei Dongduo, such as Buddy, and so on. Why do you think of Lei Dongduo again?
Guti refused to admit that he had not slept well for several days after watching a Lei Dongduo game. This is a brain powder sorrow.
Well, call Plug later and give him more shots. Never worship Lei Dongduo.
While Guti was still thinking, Castro continued to tell him that he would arrange it next. "In addition to this TV play, I also made an appointment for you to meet a musician and let him show you what style is suitable for you."
Guti nodded for a generation, and he liked music very much. He also played bands with friends. If this generation can develop in music, it will be good. Others are interested in rock music, but it is a pity that playing with him and Sai, a band friend Castro, can’t form a band debut.
"I have a request that I must record a halamadrid when I have the opportunity in the future." If only he had the opportunity to sing this song in the Bernabeu wearing a Real Madrid jersey like Dogo, Guti was not so interested in going to the World Cup or the Olympic Games, but he was eager to sing the Real Madrid team song in the Bernabeu.
Castro gave him an angry look. "Got it!" He knew that this girl was a brain-dead powder of Real Madrid, and whenever she came to think of Real Madrid, continuous shooting Shadow could also grind the director to change the ball of the heroine’s team into Real Madrid style.
Fortunately, Castro didn’t know that Guti was a brain-dead powder from Real Madrid or a brain-dead powder from Lei Dongduo. Otherwise, the agent uncle might have destroyed Lei Dongduo humanely first, and it would not be normal to bring them to Lei Dongduo, the isolated province. Guti made it even more abnormal.
"That’s about all your work arrangements this year. I also received several catwalk endorsements for you. It’s not suitable at present. I think you can’t receive good endorsements until after the film is announced. I estimate that you will be very popular with sports cards when your film comes out. Of course, if possible, I will receive some public service endorsements for you. There is no endorsement."
Guti nodded. He was happy to accept that kind of public service endorsement, even if there was no endorsement.
But when he got to the money, he thought of something else. "Uncle, how did I ask you to find me information?"
"I’m still sorting it out and giving it to you. I don’t know why a little girl is so interested in the American stock market and Silicon Valley?"