Directly cut the purple python into several pieces and pierced the heart of Hao Hao with one sword!

It’s so simple to win or lose at one time.
Chapter 921 End of the second game
A flame rose from the sword in the right arm of the king, and soon wrapped 9 Hao in it.
After several breaths, the world of mortals took a deep breath and then dispersed [Wang Right Arm] to prepare to leave the ring.
However, just as Xiaohong turned to leave the ring, she suddenly felt something was wrong.
This hint of something wrong fills the air in the world of laughter, but she can’t remember what is wrong.
Finally, the world of mortals suddenly reflected that according to the previous competition experience,
When he killed 9 Hao, Tong should immediately announce the results of the game.
And she killed 9 Hao for some time, but Tong Gen didn’t respond.
Can make a little reason in addition to unified the problem this reason.
More likely, 9 Haogen is not dead!
Thought of here, the world of mortals immediately turned to look forward to the position where 9 Hao was killed by himself.
However, at the moment when the world of laughter turned around, a golden sword light went straight to the eyebrows of the world of laughter.
Tilting your head back will avoid this sword light.
However, due to the speed and suddenness of this attack, there is a deep red sword mark with nail length in the eyebrows of the laughing world.
Quickly retreat and laugh at the world of mortals and look at the rebirth of 9 Hao.
See 9 Hao’s bust is in the mouth of a huge golden python, which is slowly escaping from it.
And has been out of the golden python mouth bust is one hand on the ground and one hand holding the golden snake sword to make a stab.
Obviously, that move just now is 9 Hao’s move to attack the world of laughter.
9 Hao slowly pulled out his legs from the golden python’s mouth and slowly got up.
Activities for a body 9 Hao looked at the world of mortals and laughed. "This is my golden snake sword with meaning."
Can let me be reborn after a period of time is one of the more real meaning. "
"Rebirth-like Upanishads, so you still have this style. It seems that I really underestimate you."
"It’s not trivial to look down on this kind of meaning. Most people don’t think that I will have the kind of words that I look down upon."
Stretched out his hand and touched the blood between the eyebrows, smiled at the world of mortals, took a deep breath, and once again generate made an amazing fire.
At the same time, the entanglement of golden light and fire strength once again condensed the move [Wang Right Arm] after the change of Upanishads!
At this time, 9 Hao raised the golden snake blade and sent out a dense purple gas that poured into the golden snake sword continuously.
With the dense purple gas pouring into the original black gold snake sword turned purple gold.
And the snake-like lines of the Golden Snake Sword are constantly swimming like living creatures.
The golden snake sword swimming in these serpentine patterns gradually disintegrated to turn into tiny purple and gold snakes.
These purple and gold snakes swim around the body of No.9, constantly devouring No.9, giving off a dense purple smell.
The world of laughter looked at the amazing number of Zijin snakes around 9 Hao, and they were once again in generate.
These fires broke away from the world of laughter and turned into a huge firebird Suzaku.
Then the firebird Suzaku screamed and jumped directly into the fist of 【 Wang Right Arm 】.
Immediately, the world of mortals runs and the nine yang qi is infused into the 【 Right Arm of the King 】.
Suddenly, the harsh light from the right arm of the king blooms to make the fist like the second sun.
Big Sun Boxing!
Laughing at the world of mortals has created a powerful fist, which is more powerful than the secret martial arts.
However, because this martial arts is a combination of three martial arts, it is not a self-created martial arts in the eyes of the system.
The institute has not certified this martial art, but for the world of laughter, these are all so-called things.
Because whether the system is certified or not, she can perform this fist, and that’s enough!
9 Hao’s hands are full of qi, which is released and poured into Zhou Wan Zijin snake.
Looking at the world of mortals with a pale face, 9 Hao smiled and said, "My strongest move will decide the outcome!"
"That’s just what I want. Let’s decide the outcome with one move!"
The world of mortals rushed directly in the direction of 9 Hao.
At the same time, [Wang Right Arm] that sun-like fist blasted out toward the front of 9 Hao!
Looking at the oncoming world of laughter, 9 Hao smiled, raised his right arm and waved it gently toward the world of laughter.
Suddenly, the ten thousand purple and gold snakes turned into their own purple and gold swords, and generate roared with an amazing purple and gold shock wave
[The serpent devours Zijin Shock Wave] VS [Wang Right Arm Big Sun Boxing]!
9 Hao and Xiaohong both took out their strongest moves.
Blink ten thousand Zijin firm but gentle and 【 big Sun Boxing 】 collide together.
A harsh light bloomed and spread around, causing the audience in the audience to squint.
At this time, the audience can’t hear any other sounds except the shock wave and the roar of boxing.
In addition to harsh eyes Hao guang can no longer see the scene.